Orlando Hudson Has New York Mets, Three Other Teams in Pursuit

Dominick DiFucciAnalyst IFebruary 3, 2009

According to the Sporting News, Orlando Hudson says that four teams have interest in him. The teams are the Mets, Yankees, Dodgers, and Nationals.

The Mets face a big obstacle to sign the O-Dog because Luis Castillo is still on the roster.  No one wants to acquire him via trade. He would be a great addition.

The Yankees have met their quota of Type-A free agents with the additions of Tex, Sabathia, and Burnett.  That immediately eliminates them.

The Dodgers are thinking of playing Blake DeWitt at second base, now that Jeff Kent is officially retired.

That leaves the Nationals as the only logical choice—they are unsettled at second base.

Hudson was looking for a long term contract, but it seems that he would accept anything at this point. 

Can the Mets get rid of Castillo's contract before spring training?  Seems like a long shot!