NFL Stars Sound off on Jonathan Vilma vs. the Commish

NFL Draft 365Official AccountMay 22, 2012

He is annually voted as one of the most powerful men in sports. So, who would dream of suing this man?

In case you haven’t heard, Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma is actually suing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for defamation.

Vilma is claiming Goodell lied about him when making statements about the Saints' alleged bounty program. 

Vilma, a team captain, is accused of being one of the leaders of the program and twice offering teammates $10,000 to knock quarterbacks out of playoff games—first Arizona's Kurt Warner, then Minnesota's Brett Favre.

Vilma has denied ever offering such a bounty. This lawsuit has got the league, players and fans buzzing. Will this be a historical lawsuit? Should Vilma take on the most powerful men in sports? Who’ll win?

Stay tuned.