What Has Michigan Done For Me?

Evan CohenCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2009

Many people ask you, "What has your team done for you?"

Even though Michigan has lost to Appalachian State and Toledo the past few seasons, I still believe in the Wolverines. The true fans show their true colors during the rough times.

The Cubs still sell out every game and they have not won a World Series in 100 years.

Michigan has not beaten Ohio State in five years, but Michigan fans still show up every game.

So, "What has Michigan done for ME?"

Michigan has won the Little Brown Jug three times in a row. The Wolverines have beaten Penn State four times in five years.

Michigan has won 23 straight Big Ten openers, and 33 winning seasons in a row is nothing to sneeze at. 

Michigan also has won the most games in college football history. They also have had 214 games in a row with more then 100,000 in attendance.

The Victors (Michigan's Fight Song) is in the Hall of Fame. Michigan has not been shut out in more then 287 games.

That is what Michigan has done for me. That is why Michigan is the greatest football program in the nation.