Kobe Bryant Sets Record at the Garden...Yawn

Bare KnucksAnalyst IFebruary 3, 2009

Kobe Bryant dropped 61 points last night at the Madison Square Garden.

He broke King Bernard’s (Bernard King) record of 60 at the MSG.

King set that scoring record back in 1984 on Christmas Day.

Now the record for most points scored at the MSG looks like this:

61- Kobe Bryant – 2009
60 – Bernard King – 1984
55 – Michael Jordan – 1995

The Knicks suck. Don’t get me wrong, they are better than they have been lately, but they still suck.

The Lakers are a favorite to win the NBA title. They were in the championship last year, they are obviously a good team.

We’re talking about a different level of skill like ‘Big Country’ Bryant Reeves and Shaquille O’Neal. The Knicks are 21-26. Right now that would give them a playoff spot (if the season ended today)—which doesn’t mean much coming out of the East.

The Knicks are 22nd in defense in the NBA, and allow 106.5 points per game. This equals a bad team with even worse defense. I mean, it’s a D’Antoni team—what do we expect?

King dropped 60 on Christmas Day. Talk about a day's work. He did it against a New Jersey Nets team that was 14-13 when they faced the Knicks. The Nets went on to earn a playoff spot as well. The Nets were also the No. 1 defensive team that season. [Read more...]

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