It Will Be HBK Vs. JBL at No Way Out: Winner Takes ALL!!!

The One You FearCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2009

It's finally going to happen!!! HBK will have a chance to prove to his boss (JBL) that he is a better wrestler than him.

It has been more than a month that JBL has owned HBK and told him what to do. You could see how sick and disappointed Shawn Michaels was!

I also think that this storyline is taking way too long! Don't you think? I mean, it has been over a month or two, and they haven't really made anything out of it.

As I'm looking, I see that wrestling fans aren't that much interested in this storyline, so I hope it ends this Sunday.

I also think that WWE should let Shawn Michaels have a title shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. I mean, let's face it—Shawn hasn't had a title in more than three years!!!!

I think that they should give him a title shot at WrestleMania 25; if not, then he should face Stone Cold!!! I mean, HBK is not going to stay in WWE for much longer, so he should either get another title shot or face Stone Cold Steve Austin.

So this is all I had to say. I hope that this rivalry will end this Sunday and that Shawn Michaels will take ALL—which is a lot of money from JBL, being released by JBL (which means he is not going to work for JBL anymore), and he then could support his family and friends.

So what do you think will happen this Sunday? And if you want to edit this article, then please do; you're welcome anytime.  ;)