Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Top 6 Hitters to Target ASAP

Stephen BrownCorrespondent IIMay 22, 2012

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Top 6 Hitters to Target ASAP

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    The waiver wire is a very interesting beast. One day you could scour the wire and find nothing but trash, and the next day a beacon of light could be found.

    In order to truly dominate the waiver wire and stay ahead of your fellow GMs, you need to act quickly, have a method to your madness and be willing to pick someone up earlier than you would want.

    The perfect example for me is Allen Craig. I had him tabbed as my 2B all season and drafted him even though he was out for a month.

    I then had Kelly Johnson man 2B in the interim, and when Craig came back he reaffirmed my foresight (although he just hit the DL again).

    This piece will discuss six hitters that you should target ASAP.

    Note: As previously mentioned, the waiver wire is weak, and these suggestions are for deep leagues (12 teams or more).

Ryan Doumit

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    As a catcher, Ryan Doumit has put up some great stats. Five home runs and 24 RBI are nothing to scoff at from the catcher position.

    Don’t ever play him in the OF, but if you have needs at catcher, he or A.J. Ellis could definitely help you out.

A.J. Ellis

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    A.J. Ellis is a journeyman catcher who is due for a cold streak. One thing Ellis has had his whole (albeit short) career is a great eye at the plate. He almost has a 1/1 K/BB, ratio which definitely helps his .460 OBP.

    While I don’t expect Ellis to hit .333 all season, he should give you some good counting stats from the C position and will maintain a solid K/BB ratio (career: 59/51).

Coco Crisp

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    The man with the endless punnable name, Coco Crisp has been out of commission for awhile, and many fantasy GMs have forgotten about him.

    Crisp is a deceivingly solid fantasy player. Like most speedsters, he doesn’t strike out much (65 K in 139 games last season) walks a fair bit (41) and can steal a million bases (49 SB last year).

    Don’t expect much else from Crisp (although he had 54 RBIs) but if you need a boost in runs and steals with less strikeouts, then take a look at Crisp coming off the DL.

Brian Dozier

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    A young, up-and-coming shortstop, Dozier has been batting second in front of Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau and Josh Willingham.

    In 13 games this season, he has 7 RBI, eight runs and 16 hits. At a very weak SS position, Dozier can definitely improve, especially with his batting slot.

    If you need help at SS, you could do much worse than a rookie like Dozier.

    He is also riding a five-game hit streak (with eight hits in those five games).

Andy Dirks

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    Andy Dirks could be gone in your league, as he has had some success over the past 10 days, but if he isn’t, then snatch him up.

    Dirks is now hitting second in the daunted Tigers lineup ahead of Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder.

    In 27 games, Dirks is hitting .351 with 12 XBH and an 8/7 K/BB ratio.

    The 26 year-old will have plenty of opportunities batting second, so grab him if you can!

Allen Craig

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    As I eluded to earlier, Craig is a special player with great 2B eligibility. He did just hit the DL, so hopefully whoever picked him up in your league has placed him back on waivers.

    If so, you should jump and grab him. Since rejoining the lineup, Craig has five home runs and 19 RBI in just 13 games.

    It might be a stretch for him to be on the wire, and if he isn’t, inquire about picking him up at a discounted price.