Russia Bans Booze from the Olympics 2012 Athlete's Village: BR5

BR5Daily ShowMay 22, 2012

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The best part of the Olympics for an athlete is the ability to compete at the highest level and attempt to attain glory by winning an Olympic medal. You spend months and years preparing for the final event, and win or lose you have the memory of being part of a national team. Now, some athletes like to celebrate after their wins and losses, and it seems that perhaps the Russian team celebrated too much...

Russian Olympic officials have officially banned alcohol from their London Village during the 2012 Summer Olympics. According to The Kommersant (h/t Telegraph Sport), the Russian officials were disappointed with the Winter Olympic team's performance two years ago in Vancouver. It seems Russia had in mind to leave Canada with about 50 medals, but left with only 15. It's unclear whether booze was solely to blame, but the Russians don't want to take that chance this time around. So, if you're in the Olympic Village in 2012 and feel like partying, you might want to skip the Russian Hospitality houses.

Blaming booze for poor athletic performances is nothing new in the news lately. Just this year, the Boston Red Sox's late 2011 collapse was called into question, as Bob Hohler of The Boston Globe reported that starting pitchers Jon Lester, Josh Beckett and John Lackey took to eating fried chicken and drinking beer in the clubhouse. The Red Sox organization then made the move to ban alcohol in the clubhouse, in hopes of squashing the problem. Hopefully Russia's dry Olympic village policy works, and they're able to leave London with more medals than hangovers.