Joakim Noah Doesn't Want You Texting His Girlfriend- BR5

BR5Daily ShowMay 22, 2012

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Joakim Noah protects the paint for the Chicago Bulls during the regular season but it seems that he might be more protective of his girlfriend in the offseason...

Black Sports Online recently got wind of an interesting story about former University of Arizona guard, Nic Wise. Nic Wise was trying to make contact with a young lady named Amanda via text message a few nights back. We don't know why Wise was texting Amanda but we can assume that it likely wasn't just to grab coffee. While waiting to hear back from Amanda, he was surprised to receive a reply from none other than Joakim Noah. Apparently, Noah was with Amanda when she read the text and decided to take it upon himself to set Nic straight.

Noah reportedly texted the following: "This her phone but this Joakim Noah Amanda's dude but how you meet her bruh." Wise found it hilarious that Noah was texting from a female's phone and he took to Twitter with his delight. He even included a screen grab of the reported text to convince the skeptics. 

We won't ever really know why Nic Wise was texting Amanda or if it really was Noah but this is the reason we love Twitter. 

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