WWE Raw Recap: A Quick Summary of What Happened on Raw's 5/21 Edition

Tom HauritzCorrespondent IMay 22, 2012

Base image source: wwe.com
Base image source: wwe.com

Below is a brief recap and play-by-play of the matches and important moments of this week's Monday Night Raw.

For those of you who are waiting to watch it, it does contain spoilers. For those of you who want to know what happened and fast, please read on.

RAW opened with a recap of Cena vs. Laurinaitis and Big Show at Over the Limit.

Segment 1

John Cena came out and was straight on the microphone.  He vented until interrupted by Eve and Johnny Ace, who went on to whinge about injuries and introduced Big Show, who we learned will face Cena at No Way Out.

Big show cut a decent promo full of anger and said he will knock Cena out.

David Otunga returned and challenged Cena to a match. After a bit of cat and mouse, Cena hit the AA and then locked in STF.

Winner: John Cena via submission

Cena didn't break the hold to make a point to Laurinaitis and was then attacked by Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks, Darren Young and Titus O’Neil. Sheamus made the save and knocked over Laurinaitis on his way out.

Sheamus and Cena cleaned house. Johnny Ace yelled at the heels afterward, saying he didn’t give them permission to attack. This smelled very much like a new take on the Corporation.

It’s going to be Cena and Sheamus in a 2-on-3 handicap, lumberjack match to close the show.

Segment 2

Ricardo Rodriguez was interrupted by Santino Marella, who mocked him and then hit him with the Cobra. Santino then introduced Alberto Del Rio. Quite a funny segment.

This was followed by ADR vs. Randy Orton.

As Orton prepared for the RKO, a Codebreaker from Chris Jericho surprised him.

Jericho repeatedly screamed that he is "the best in the world at what he does" and seemed to have flipped out completely. 

He hit another Codebreaker. Finally Y2J looked to leave but then came back for a third Codebreaker.  Looks like Jericho might be getting written off TV again via Orton.

Winner: Randy Orton via DQ

Segment 3

Daniel Bryan made his way to the ring to cut a promo on his loss to CM Punk at Over the Limit. He showed footage of Punk tapping after the three-count and demanded a rematch.  Out came Punk.

Punk thanked Bryan for a great match and then showed footage of Bryan turning Kane on Punk last SmackDown. He then introduced Kane as Bryan’s opponent for the night. Punk was on commentary.

Kane spotted Bryan holding a chair after CM Punk repaid Bryan's trickery from SmackDown. Kane then assaulted Bryan with a chair.

Winner: Daniel Bryan via DQ

Kane followed up with two Chokeslams. CM Punk entered the ring and locked in the Anaconda Vice.  Bryan tapped, and Punk had his revenge.

Punk ran into AJ backstage. He mocked her, and she started losing it. He gave her a hug, saying that he digs crazy chicks. Where is this all going?

Segment 4

Christian, the new Intercontinental Champion, was met with a decent pop as he came to the ring to face Jinder Mahal. Officially a face, it would seem. Thankfully it was a decent contest.

Christian avoided a clutch and then hit the Killswitch, following it up with a top-rope splash.

Winner: Christian via pin fall

Segment 5

Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix.

Layla watched from backstage.

After a couple of minutes of back and forth, Phoenix hit the Glam Slam. Standard Divas match.

Winner: Beth Phoenix via pin fall

Final Segment

We learned the handicap match would be Cena and Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and Lord Tensai with every lumberjack a heel.

Sheamus was worked over while Big Show watched from the ramp.  After tagging in Cena, Sheamus was pulled from the canvas and received a beat down by the lumberjacks. Cena attempted to save only to receive a beat down himself.

Obviously a no contest as far as the match went.

All the faces from Brodus Clay to CM Punk rushed in to make the save—a good, old-fashioned, all-in brawl had broken out.

Cena went looking for Big Show and ran into Laurinaitis backstage. Laurinaitis offered nothing but a reminder that Cena will be fired if he so much as touches JL. He then turned into a Big Show fist as the show faded to black.

Keep an eye out next week for the "Revolution."


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