Seattle Seahawks: 3 Immediate Implications from Kellen Winslow Trade

Joey Rebbe@@JoeyRebbeCorrespondent IMay 22, 2012

Seattle Seahawks: 3 Immediate Implications from Kellen Winslow Trade

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    As of today, Kellen Winslow is a Seattle Seahawk, per a trade that involved a conditional 2013 draft pick.

    When it was rumored that Winslow was on the outs with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, some fans postulated that this move could occur. Debates in the comments sections of B/R articles by yours truly have taken place over this very idea.

    From this move, we gain yet another clue about the plans of Pete Carroll and company as they instill a new identity into a young Seahawk team.

    Here are three implications from this trade.

Depth Chart Rearragement

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    Just this week, I wrote an article predicting that Anthony McCoy would not see the light of the 2012 season. The addition of Winslow only solidifies this point. It is extraordinarily unlikely that Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevell will take more than three tight ends into the regular season.

    As of now, the roster consists of Zach Miller, Cameron Morrah, Anthony McCoy and Winslow. Miller is clearly established as the starter and Winslow will presumably back him up (he was a Pro Bowler in 2007, after all). That leaves a competition between Morrah and McCoy for the final spot.

    Between the two, Morrah should prevail. He is more athletic and has better route-running abilities than McCoy. And any Seahawk fan will remember the painful drops McCoy had last season.

    Winslow coming almost certainly spells the end of McCoy's tenure with the 'Hawks.

Newfound Offense

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    2011 saw far too much of a Pro Bowler stuck in the trenches blocking for an inept offensive line. Quite a waste of talent. Kellen Winslow helps Zach Miller's cause in multiple ways.

    For one, Winslow is an experienced veteran, who will be 29 when the season rolls around. This means that he can block well. If Winslow is on the field with Miller, he can be the extra man in the trenches while Miller can fill holes in the secondary.

    Conversely, Miller's blocking will allow Winslow to be a threat through the air. Winslow has averaged 73 receptions over the past three seasons. Quite clearly, Winslow can find his holes in a zone as well. 

    Look for this tight end duo to be especially effective in the play-action offense. An extra blocker is extremely beneficial when it comes to misdirection plays, and while one picks up a backside rusher, the other can slip into the flat to really do some damage in the passing game.

    With this new addition, Darrell Bevell can draw up plenty of effective pass plays.

Veteran Presence for Youngsters

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    Were nothing else to pan out from this trade, Winslow will provide veteran experience to a young group of receivers. Though he is only a tight end, Winslow can provide tangible benefits to the wideouts. 

    Skills such as route running, pick plays and body positioning are universal for pass-catchers. Expect Winslow's veteran presence to immediately benefit the Seahawk wide receivers, turning some untapped potential into pure production.

    Ultimately, this is a great move by the Seahawks. If you disagree with these points, comment multiple times!