New York Mets: Another One Hits the Deck

Matthew CohenCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2008

Is it just me, or does every New York Mets regular get hurt? 

The only two starters that haven't gotten hurt so far are David Wright and Jose Reyes.  Even good ole' Moises Alou had to join the party today, as he is expected to miss four to six weeks due to hernia surgery.

Folks, a minor injury in Spring Training is one thing, and it's happened to almost everyone so far.  But this kind of major injury, this is just getting to be INSANE!!!

Now that four to six week estimate, you can throw that right out the window.  We're talking about Moises Alou here. 

It's going to be more like six to nine weeks. 

If it took him three months for a hamstring injury last season, this is not good news.

Now having said that, at least Omar Minaya is out there trying to bring in a right-handed hitting outfielder or first baseman.  Now he's going to have to step up his efforts a little more and reel in Marcus Thames from the Tigers. 

Not only do we need a backup, now we need a starter too.

Thames has tremendous power, but he strikes out quite a bit, which keeps his average around .250 or so. 

Minaya has to do something, and he better do it fast.