25 Sports Hottie Vacation Pics

Amber LeeSports Lists Lead WriterMay 21, 2012

25 Sports Hottie Vacation Pics

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    The weather is turning warmer all across the northern hemisphere and in less than a month, summer will officially be upon us. Summer is the season of sun, surf and slacking at work. Not to mention the season of the much needed extended vacation. 

    Although, with the economy as it is, many of us will not be jaunting off to exotic locales in the next few months. Actually, I never jaunted off to many exotic locales even before the economy turned south, so I really shouldn't be pointing fingers at the government or Wall Street. 

    Well, whether or not you or I are taking awesome vacations this summer, the hottest sports hotties certainly are. Actually, many of these broads are living a permanent vacation that the loser likes of you and I could never even imagine. At least we can spy on them via Twitter. 

    Here are 25 sports hottie vacation pics that are bound to make you disappointed about your own life—even if they're just chilling poolside at their own condos.

25. Rachel, University of Louisville Cheerleader

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    The ravishing Rachel is a cheerleader for the University of Louisville Cardinals. Apparently life really is a beach for this Florida native, because she spends a lot of time scantily clad in the sand with her equally hot cheerleader friends.

    Here is is with her "twinny" Rachel C. at the spring break haven/hell hole you know as Daytona Beach. 

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 4! There's nothing sadder than being the oldest dude (or broad) at spring break. If you're 25 or older, avoid places like this at all costs. 

24. Linda Brenner, Former LFL Player

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    The lovely Linda Brenner is the former starting quarterback for the (now defunct) Dallas Desire of the Lingerie Football League. Since ditching the game, Brenner splits her time between her job as a flight attendant and modeling. 

    Here she is having fun in the sun in beautiful Costa Rica. As a western Pennsylvania girl, I must say there is nothing more fun than riding ATVs pretty much anywhere. 

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 9! Costa Rica is gorgeous and has pretty much everything: beaches and booze for the casual vacationer and rainforest adventures for those who like to kick it up a notch.

23. Alana Blanchard, Surfer

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    The alluring Alana Blanchard is one of the best (and most beautiful) female surfers in the world. This may actually look like a vacation to any of us, but really it's just another day at the office for her. 

    Alana is from Kauai, Hawaii, and bounces around the world for surf competitions—stopping in some of the most beautiful places on earth. 

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 10! It's a reasonable assumption that this is Hawaii. And, as someone who moved to Hawaii for a year to "find myself," I can attest that it's one of the best places in the world.

22. Cassie Trammell, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

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    The classy Cassie Trammell (far left) is a veteran member of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading team. 

    Also pictured is the magical Melissa Kellerman (middle) who you may remember serving as Jason Witten's speed bump during a game in 2011.

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 7! I actually have no idea because no location was listed, but it certainly looks lovely. My best guess would be Puerto Vallarta or somewhere in Mexico, which is where they usually shoot their calendars pics. 

21. Arianny Celeste, UFC Ring Girl

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    The astonishing Arianny Celeste is one of the most popular ring girls in MMA, which probably explains why she's taken home the title of Ring Girl of the Year two years running. 

    Away from the octagon, Ms. Arianny lives much her life on a seemingly endless vacation that whisks her all over the world. Ah, the life of the most beautiful among us. 

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 10! Arianny recently had the pleasure of visiting majestic Maui, Hawaii. I'll admit it, I'm jealous…of a number of things.

20. Jenna Jaeger, Denver Broncos Cheerleader

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    The jaunty Jenna Jaeger is an NFL cheerleader and one of the many lovely ladies that will be cheering on the Broncos' new quarterback Peyton Manning this fall in Denver. 

    As a University of Kansas alum, Ms. Jenna is used to having something to cheer for though. Those Jayhawks know how to put a basketball team together, am I right?

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 10! Well apparently Jenna is a pretty good cheerleader because she was reppin' the Broncos at the Pro Bowl, which is played outside Honolulu on the Hawaiian island of Oahu (where I used to live!). 

19. Hannah Teter, Snowboarder

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    The healing Hannah Teter is a snowboarder who is recuperating from some seriously painful injections in this photo—she said they were the most painful things she ever experienced. 

    That sounds pretty terrible, but there's no better way to recover than relaxing on a peaceful beach. 

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 5! The beach does look nice enough, but I'm thinking it looks like California or Florida. Both are lovely vacation spots, but not exactly exotic destinations.

18. Kenda Perez, MMA Host/Personality

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    The comely Kenda Perez is one of MMA's finest females. Perez got her start in modeling and MMA after placing fourth in Maxim's annual Hometown Hotties competition in 2007. 

    She's currently host of the UFC's international show and The Best of Pride Fighting Championship on FuelTV and the host of The Ultimate Show produced right here by the fine folks at Bleacher Report. Perez is based out of Newport Beach, California. 

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 8! She's in California, which I would normally give a 5. But since this is a Disneyland pool party, it's been raised a few notches. 

17. Lauren Sackreiter, Florida State Cheerleader

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    The lively Lauren Sackreiter is a cheerleader and finance major at Florida State University in Tallahassee. You probably know that spring break is like a religion down in The Sunshine State. 

    That actually sounds amazing. I live in D.C., where getting drunk at happy hour and going to the gym is a religion. Lauren is pictured with her friend Brenna—who is in love with John Mayer. Ew.

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 1! I'm just not feeling the the frat boy vibe of wherever they are.

16. Niki Ghazian, Former LFL Player

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    The noteworthy Niki Ghazian is a former player in the Lingerie Football League who has packed away her helmet, pads and football lingerie in favor of surf, sun and modeling lingerie. 

    This self-described "Persian Barbie" isn't just another pretty face. She's a Barbie with a brain—not to mention a law degree.  

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 7! She said she was "toasting her buns" at the Mondrian Pool, which means she's either in Miami or Los Angeles. Again, not my favorite getaways, but they are the best vacay destinations in their respective states. 

15. Nikki Parise, University of South Carolina Cheerleader

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    The necessary Nikki Parise is one of the bewitching beauties that cheer on Steve Spurrier's Gamecocks most Saturdays in the fall. 

    Fun fact, the SEC is home to the most ridiculously stunning cheerleaders in NCAA football. Well, "fact" is a bit of a stretch, but you feel me. 

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 3! Doesn't say where this monstrously large hot top lives, but in the next photo she's standing next to a plane that says "Miami" on it. So…more Florida. 

14. Kavita Channe, Sports Media Personality & Host

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    The curvaceous Kavita Channe is a University of Florida alum who got her start in the business on reality television. This Miami mami eventually transitioned to a career as a sports reporter and personality. 

    When she's not beeboping around the country, Kavita has her own YouTube show 1stDownNDirty. She also loves her some Miami Heat and is a fan of all things Gator—especially one Mr. Tim Tebow.

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 9! Vegas, baby!

13. Crissy Lynn, Former Patriots Cheerleader

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    The cheerful Crissy Lynn is a former cheerleader for the New England Patriots. Ms. Crissy retired her pom poms in favor of a substantially more stable career in real estate. 

    Judging by her Twitter photos, Crissy has left behind the cold of Boston for the sunny shores of Savannah, Georgia, or Jacksonville, Florida. 

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 2! Savannah is actually pretty glorious, but Jacksonville is one of the worst cities I've ever been to. 

12. Brooke Adams, Pro Wrestler

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    The bodacious Brooke Adams is a professional wrestler/Knockout for IMPACT Wrestling. That, in addition to being a sometimes model, actress and accomplished air band player. 

    Also worth noting is that in her Twitter bio, Brooke includes the hashtag #ASSTASSTIC. For what that's worth.

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 10! Flamingos. 'Nuff said, right?

11. Mercedes Terrell & Jade Bryce, Bellator Ring Girls

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    The marvelous Mercedes Terrell and the juicy Jade Bryce are Bellator's hottest pair of ring girls. The kind of hot that doesn't preclude rolling around together and pretending to be lesbians for the amusement of gentlemen present. 

    These two also get a lot of modeling work outside the ring, but only Jade has been featured in Playboy…twice. The second feature was published recently and can be seen here

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 6! They may be kicking it in Vegas, but it doesn't look like the pool of one of the major hotels. Which means, I'm basing this destination score on the awesomeness of that pool.

10. Harmony Joy, Former NFL Cheerleader

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    The heavenly Harmony Joy is a former cheerleader who used to shake her pom poms for the Cincinnati Bengals, the University of Louisville and the University of South Carolina. 

    Harmony is an aspiring model, but her day job is area sales manager somewhere in Kentucky. Poor girl, someone has got to get her out of Kentucky before it's too late. 

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 1! She's definitely maxing and relaxing poolside, but there's no indication that she's anywhere outside of Kentucky.

9. Amber Nichole, Former UFC Ring Girl

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    The awe-inspiring Amber Nichole is a former UFC ring girl who has been modeling her ass off since the tender age of five. Her first job was a "Mouser-sizing" video for the Disney Channel which featured Olivia Newton-John. 

    Drama free, football loving Amber is based out of Las Vegas and has been featured in magazines such as MMA Authority, Ultimate MMA, Extreme Fighter as well as GQ and Maxim.

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 10! Staying in your own city isn't usually such an awesome vacation, but chilling on Tao Beach on the rooftop of Tao Las Vegas definitely qualifies as amazing.

8. Jaime Edmondson, WAG

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    The jaunty Jaime Edmondson is one of the sports world's newest and hottest WAGs. She's been "officially" dating Tampa Bay Rays slugger Evan Longoria since February 2012. 

    Ms. Jaime has made a name for herself as Playboy's resident sports fanatic. Well, that and being the runner-up for Playmate of the Year, 2011. Homegirl even has her own fantasy sports show on Sirius/XM radio.

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 8! Looks like she's chilling at the Playboy Mansion, which probably sounds amazing, but remember there's a 90-year-old man wandering around in his underwear who periodically leads these women to his bedroom. 

7. Monyca Byrne-Wickey, Surfer

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    The mesmerizing Monyca Byrne-Wickey is one the many shapely surfing shorties who call the Hawaiian island of Maui home. 

    What I've learned from her Twitter page is that pretty much every day is a glorious "beach day." Suddenly I'm very disappointed with my life.

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 10! They are likely in Hawaii and, naturally, the whole scene looks ripped off a post card.

6. Brooke Lynette, Cage Warriors Ring Girl

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    The blissfully blonde Brooke Lynette is the head ring girl for Cage Warriors, one of Europe's leading MMA promotions. 

    Ms. Brooke is based out of London and also works as a commercial, fitness and lingerie model. 

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 9! She doesn't actually say where she is in this photo, but my geography superpowers are tingling and I'm thinking it's Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah—probably Dubai. Wherever she is, it's looks glorious.

5. Kelly Kelly, WWE Diva

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    The kissable Kelly Kelly is one of the WWE's most delicious Divas. An impressive distinction if you know anything about the caliber of chicks they have on parade. 

    Ms. Kelly…Kelly was (and still is) a successful model before she got her start with the WWE. She's been featured on the cover of Maxim and has made their annual hot 100 list more than once.

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 5! Cabo San Lucas seems lovely, but I'll confess that vacationing in Mexico has never appealed to me. When I'm looking to leave the country, I don't want to just stumble into one of the two that are most easily accessible. 

    No offense, Canada and Mexico.

4. Nikki Fraser, Buccaneers Cheerleader

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    The noticeable Nikki Fraser is a two-year veteran cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. She's a Florida native whose hometown of Brandon is just 15 miles west of Tampa.

    From the looks of her Twitter page, she doesn't get out of her home state all that much—which is unfortunate. Although, at least it has some sweet beaches. 

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 4! This photo was taken at the Postcard Inn—either right outside of Tampa or in Key Largo…my guess is she's right outside of Tampa. If this was Key Largo, I'd give it an 8!

3. Stephanie Ann Cook, MMA Ring Girl

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    The resplendent Stephanie Ann Cook is an Illinois girl who left her hometown for the bright lights of Las Vegas. She's an MMA ring girl who also works as a model and spokeswoman. 

    No surprise that with an ass like that, Ms. Cook finds plenty of work as a model. I can't believe I just said "ass like that." I guess I'm officially a frat boy. 

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 7! She's in Cali on Huntington Beach. Higher marks than normal, assuming there are lots of other broads who look like this.

2. Sydney Durso, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

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    The sublime Sydney Durso is a fourth-year cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys. The audition process to become a DC cheerleader is absolutely no joke, so it's no surprise that Sydney's day job is student/dance instructor. 

    Here she's pictured (left to right) with cheer pals Megan, Evan Danielle and Mackenzie. The girls are "poolside," presumably at one of their Dallas condos. 

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 2! There's no evidence to suggest they're anywhere but Dallas—a fine city, but not exactly an exotic destination.

1. Shannon James, WAG

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    The scintillating Shannon James is a Playboy Playmate who dated Phillies pitcher Hunter Pence for about six months—the pair are rumored to have broken up in March 2012. 

    Well, I'm not sure what happened with that relationship, but I think we can all agree that (for now) it was definitely Pence's loss. James is besties with fellow WAG and Playmate Jaime Edmondson. 

    Destination Ranking (out of 10): 10! No clue where she was, but she was there with Jaime Edmondson. You really can't go wrong there.