Rihanna and JR Smith and Item?: BR5

BR5Daily ShowMay 21, 2012

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Rihanna is at it again. She just can’t stay away from bad boys. This time, In Touch reports that her bad boy of choice is the New York Knicks guard JR Smith. After the Knicks held off the Miami Heat on May 6th in Game 4 of this year’s Eastern Conference Quarterfinal Round of the NBA Playoffs, the two were spotted acting like more than just friends at Veranda nightclub in New York City.

An eyewitness said that they were flirty, holding hands, and that at one point she was sitting on his lap. This is apparently not so foreign territory for Mr. Smith. He was in the news in March when he tweeted a photo of a woman’s butt in a thong from his bed. The NBA fined him $25,000 for the incident.

Clearly, Rihanna has a type. That’s no surprise, just look at her track record.

Apparently though, she’s not afraid to admit it. She told In Touch: “I don’t like cream puff, corny guys… the nice ones that won’t hurt you. I like the edge. That’s the thrill for me.”

Doesn’t get any clearer than that.

There’s another wrinkle in this sordid romantic tale. JR’s father is apparently pushing his son to stay in NYC because of some serious financial issues says NBCSports. In addition to sneaking risqué pictures of Rihanna when she’s not looking, Rihanna can apparently also count on picking up the tab when she and JR hit the town. Nothing says ‘bad’ like broke, right? 


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