Stephen A. Smith SNL Impression: Watch Jay Pharoah Mock First Take Analyst

Jessica Marie@ItsMsJisnerCorrespondent IIMay 21, 2012

Everyone knows Jay Pharoah does a good Will Smith impression, but that's not the only famous Smith he can do.

In an Web extra that didn't make it into the May 19 season finale of Saturday Night Live, Pharoah stopped by the Weekend Update set to chat with host Seth Meyers—as ESPN First Take analyst Stephen A. Smith.

The two chatted about the Heat's collapse during Games 2 and 3 of their Eastern Conference semifinals series against the Pacers, and specifically about LeBron James and his ability (or lack thereof) to close out a big game. Smith has famously destroyed James on ESPN in the past for his alleged role in the NBA lockout, his ability to be a good teammate and, most of all, his ability to win a title.

On SNL, Pharoah did a pretty good impression of Smith, alternating between the forced calm and manic screaming that the NBA analyst is known for. He was most eager to discuss the ending of Game 2 against the Pacers, when LeBron dished to Dwyane Wade—who missed what could've been the game-winning layup—and seemed reluctant to hold onto the ball and take the final shot himself.

Of the play, Pharoah/Smith told—or screamed at—Meyers that LeBron should be the only Heat player allowed near the ball in the fourth quarter, adding: 

Listen to me, LeBron. Under no circumstance will you allow any teammates to be within 100 feet of the ball. … I know this isn't easy, but in the last two minutes, you need to be a man. You need to go out there with no teammates, no basketball and no clothes. And only then will LeBron James be an NBA champion. Mission accomplished. 

Pharoah/Smith also said that despite the fact that he and Wade have "hung together many times intimately," the Heat will be unable to advance to the next round unless LeBron, not Wade, comes up big in the waning minutes of games.

When asked about injured star Chris Bosh's impact on the rest of this series, Pharoah/Smith said that in the fourth quarter of any playoff game, Bosh "should be locked in a small closet where there are no basketballs or round objects of any kind."

Check out the above video to hear more about Smith's too-close-for-comfort relationships with the Heat's top players, and just try to disregard Pharoah's almost-there accent.


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