The Most Excessive Celebrations in Sports History

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIMay 21, 2012

The Most Excessive Celebrations in Sports History

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    As the ball crosses the goal line, both teams seemingly frozen in time, hearts across the world skip a beat in preparation of an eccentric masterpiece. Or rather, the celebration.

    Post-score shakes, kneels, chest pounds and skyward points have always flooded sports. But in recent years, the acrobatic realm has begun to inherit more unique and artistic characters, those with a flair for the dramatic.

    No tossing of yellow flags or textbook of rules are going to stop these adrenaline-filled maniacs from showing their passion, or should we say shocking the world. In the heat of the moment, anything is possible.

    As we prepare to check out the most violent, over-the-top, hysterical and insane celebrations in sports, there are several precautions that must be taken.

    Buckle that seat belt, strap on that helmet and keep all arms and legs inside your chair.

    Let's begin.

20. Joakim Noah Puts on a Show

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    Ladies and gentlemen, Joakim Noah.

    During the first half of his quirky post-tournament shakedown, Noah resembles an inebriated nun who just left the convent for good.

    But things only get weirder once he loses the drapery.

19. Bill Gramatica Meets Gridiron

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    This might seem legitimate for a Super Bowl game-winner, but considering it was midway through the first quarter in a 0-0 regular season game, Bill Gramatica (not Martin like the announcer proclaims) almost deserved what he got.

    Poor Dramatica.

18. Michael Boley Lays Down the Law

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    I didn't want interns, I said it four times!

    Perhaps Giants linebacker Michael Boley should learn a lesson about interning from former understudy Blake Griffin.

    He could use some necessary perspective.

17. Tiger Williams Rides Away

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    As he road his schtick (zing!) to immortality, Tiger Williams was clearly marinating in his glorious tactics.

    With perhaps the ugliest jersey of all time, it's understandable that the former Canuck needed some sort of distraction. We get it.

16. Kelly Washington Does "The Squirrel"

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    Oh no he didn't. Yes he did.

    Kelly Washington was just learning the ropes from his eccentric teammate.

    Cyndi Lauper is out there somewhere, nodding her head in approval.

15. Francisco Gallardo Loves His Team

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    They're just really good friends, right?

    During such a disturbing moment, all we can possibly say is boop.

14. DeSean Jackson's Awkward Start

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    Most of you already know what's coming, but that doesn't prevent this rookie mistake from being just as ridiculous now as it was three years ago.

    The promising DeSean Jackson is so talented, he can play defense against himself better than most defenders.

13. A Low Crimson Tide in Alabama

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    The adrenaline is soaring, passions flying high, players losing their inhibitions.

    What we've got here is a failure to communicate.

12. Ping Pong Wrong

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    Stellar work, dude, except for the fact you're still down by nine points.

    A final glance at the scorecard should clear this insanity up a bit.

11. The Ickey Shuffle

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    As he trots toward the sideline, fullback Elbert Woods possesses the aura of Rod Tidwell in Jerry Maguire...yearning for attention.

    During their 1989 Super Bowl-losing season, the Bengals owned the Ickey Shuffle.

    Luckily, Woods was a smart cat, celebrating away from the end zone to avoid a penalty.

10. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Miss Preschool

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    Now that we've established the CFL as a strange place, we can somewhat appreciate the constantly-displayed weirdness.

    These Winnipeg Blue Bombers seemed determined to take advantage of their one opportunity in the spotlight.

    But ducks and geese don't quite seem like the most admirable acts.

9. Bajram Fetai's Friendly Fire

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    Amid the chaos is one prepared footballer, cocked and loaded gun painted on his waist.

    He'd had enough of the nonsense.

8. Unsportsmanlike Conduct on the Zebra

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    It's about time players start tossing yellow flags at refs, as this performance was worthy of at least 30 yards in penalties.

    He's just eager to be a part of the voluptuous celebration, completely understandable.

7. Robbie Fowler Silences Critics

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    Not quite sure this is proving wrong all those Everton fans out there who accused English Robbie Fowler of drug abuse, but it's a valiant effort.

    Nearly $100,000 in fines and a four-game suspension were definitely worth the artistic brilliance.

6. Fishing for Victory in Iceland

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    And the Academy Award for best trout goes to the guy on the hook.

    What a memorable finish for Stjarnan F.C., led by the brilliant repertoire of this fishy fraternity.

    We almost forgot they scored by the time this fishing trip was over.

5. Theo Fleury's Melting Pot

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    It didn't matter that the '91 Battle of Alberta saw the Calgary Flames lose in Game 7.

    It didn't matter that Theo Fleury even extended the series with his memorable overtime game-winner.

    All that mattered was that he included every possible move from the Harlem Shake to the rope-a-dope, yet he excluded the Worm.

    So close to perfection.

4. Kerwin Bell Makes Several Memories

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    Spike to the nuts? Check.

    Awkward tumble into an opponent's rear? Check.

    Pure failure? Check.

    From innocent touchdown to complete mayhem, some quarterbacks just can't handle success.

3. Gus Frerotte's Defining Moment

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    With most of his years spent warming the pine, few would expect quarterback Gus Frerotte to be masterfully trained in the art of celebrating—although this jubilance occurred during his Pro Bowl year in 1997.

    In the words of Mike Ditka, C'Mon Man.

2. Henrik Andersen Tempts the Fates

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    In tearing a page out of Alexander Ovechkin's glass-bumping book, Swedish player Henrik Andersen painted one of the more obtuse masterpieces we've seen in recent time.

    The Lambeau Leap isn't quite as elegant on ice.

1. When Icelandic Nature Calls

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    It's only natural that we'd give Stjarnan F.C. two spots on this list, considering their diverse repertoire.

    But forgetting to wash his hands was a major absence in this ceremony.