Will Smith Hoops, Raps, and Slaps All for MIB3: BR5

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Welcome to BR5, your daily source for sports and pop culture news. Today, we discuss the busy and wild life of Will Smith as he toured around Britain this past weekend.

Will Smith has been on a promotional rampage lately. Last week, he gave Roger Federer a framed black suit to promote his upcoming film, "Men in Black:3." His promotional tour kept going as he met with British Olympic 2012 hopefuls and discussed his past playing basketball and boxing. He made a point to commend the athletes for their commitment to sport and also noted that he never considered himself to be an athlete. He promised to attend this Olympics this summer.

While on the red carpet, Smith was confronted by a notorious prankster interviewer who went in for a kiss while interviewing Smith. Big Willie was taken aback by the romantic move and backed away from the kisser. He also used his hand to slap away the encounter. Will's moves spread through the Internet like a wildfire last night. 

On his last stop, Will made an appearance on, "The Graham Norton Show" and busted out his old-school rapping flavor as he treated his audience with the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme. 

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