Is Alex Kovalev the Same Without the "C"?

Charles L. GareCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2009

As I look at the Montreal Canadiens since the All-Star break—and it hasn't been long—I see a team that is coming apart at the seams.

I can't speak for Kovalev, but since Koivu has returned from injury Alex has not put the effort into his play.

He only played three shifts in the third period Sunday.  It was like Carbonneau was saying if you don't want to play, you won't play.

The coach was asked that very question in his post-game interview—was the removal of the "C" causing a lack of effort on Kovalev's part?

His response was, "I hope that's not the case we will need him if we are to go anywhere in the later part of this season."

Its not just Kovalev.

Price hasn't returned to form as of yet either.

Koivu seems to be doing well since his return.

Now they are faced with another major setback—their top scorer Robert Lang is probably gone for the season after surgery on his Achilles tendon. In addition, Latendresse is injured.

I havn't heard how Gorges is doing since Saturday's violent hit against the Kings—but it seems as if anything can go wrong, it will for this team.

It looks to me like they have throw en up their hands and given up there certainly is a lack of all out effort against teams they should beat.

Lets Go Habs! One and six is not good enough! Show yourself tomorrow against the Penguins, okay?