Pound For Pound Best Fighter In MMA?

Corey DelgadoContributor IFebruary 3, 2009

Two weeks ago, when the fight between St. Pierre and Penn was being hyped, the argument was brought up the most that B.J. Penn was pound for pound the "best fighter in MMA". Well now that St. Pierre completely DOMINATED in the ring Saturday, does that make him the best? Some could say yes, but one man remains the talk of the sport. In the views of many people, Urijah Faber, from the WEC, is right now the best fighter in the game. His power and speed are unlike any other athlete in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, and with a great ground game, Faber is the most dangerous man competing in the cage. The next year will help everyone interested in the sport determine just who the best cage fighter, pound for pound, really is.

Corey A. Delgado,
Cage Fighter/MMA Fan