WWE: Former WWE Creative Team Member Reveals Bizarre Idea for 'See No Evil'

Colonel SteeleAnalyst IMay 20, 2012

Kane, WWE Raw Superstar during 'See No Evil' Premiere - Arrivals in Los Angeles, California, United States. (Photo by J.Sciulli/WireImage for LIONSGATE)
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Former WWE writer Dan Madigan, who was a screenwriter for WWE Studios' first venture into horror with See No Evil, was recently interviewed on a new installment of the "Review-a-Wai" podcast, hosted by John Pollock and Wai Ting. The episode was released to commemorate the film, which starred current superstar Kane, and introduced Madigan to discuss writing the film, amongst other topics.

While on air, Madigan revealed the details of yet another outrageous idea from the mind of Vince McMahon. While the movie was still in the process of being written, Madigan was consulted by Gregory Dark, the assigned director who got his break through the adult entertainment industry, about McMahon's latest act of ingenuity.

This is an excerpt from the podcast detailing the exact plan of action than McMahon wanted to be taken.

I get a call from Gregory Dark, the director. He says, 'We've got a little problem here.' This call is from Australia. I said, 'What's the problem?' He goes, 'Vince has a suggestion about the movie.' I said, 'Well, it's his movie.' He goes, 'Vince wants this scene in the movie where Kane's character pulls out his...well, Kane's character pulls out his penis, and he wants it to be three feet long.'

I thought there was a connection problem. I said, 'Greg, can you just back up and repeat that last line for me?' He goes, 'Yes, Vince wants Kane's penis to be three feet long, and none of the producers are saying anything about it.' So I sat there, I go, 'Oh, this is not good. This is not good. This is really not good.' In the right movie, that's genius, that's absolutely brilliant, but not for this movie.

He proceeded to, rightfully, criticise the idea, mentioning how it would've provided nothing but unnecessary controversy as well as draw unwanted X-Ratings. He claimed that, had it been included, the film would have simply bombed and failed to find any success whatsoever.

Madigan then revealed that he ran into some of the producers, who told him the same story that Dark did, and how displeased they were with McMahon insisting that such an explicit and crude scene be included. He dug into the producers, questioning why none of them could muster the courage to question McMahon.

Eventually, Madigan disclosed another secret from the production of the film, from where the script had been given the green light after some minor editing.

When the script was finally OK'd, they brought someone else in to rewrite me. As a writer, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up; it's an ego thing, to be honest. So, they brought in someone to touch up my stuff. I read their version of my script, and I'll be honest, it wasn't good. Every cliche that I purposely wanted to take out, they had put back in.

The interview, as well as the rest of the podcast, is a rather entertaining listen. Madigan explains to the hosts about what an experience it was to work with Kane, as well as what is was like writing the script.

The episode is available for download here.


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