Strikeforce Results: 5 Fights We'd Love to See Josh Barnett in Next

Matt Juul@@MattchidaMMAContributor IIIMay 20, 2012

Strikeforce Results: 5 Fights We'd Love to See Josh Barnett in Next

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    Josh "The Warmaster" Barnett gave it his all last night, but it just wasn't enough. Rising star Daniel Cormier came away as the Strikeforce Grand Prix tournament winner.

    Able to stand and trade with Cormier in the opening rounds and even throwing up some last-ditch submissions, the former UFC champ slowly waned and lost a lopsided unanimous decision.

    Now that the tournament has concluded, the Strikeforce heavyweight division is one more fight away from folding, so Barnett will have to look elsewhere to get back to his winning ways.

    Here are five bouts we'd love to see The Warmaster take next.

Brendan Schaub

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    A solid striker with great speed and power, Brendan "The Hybrid" Schaub would be a good matchup for Barnett.

    Stylistically, this bout would be good for The Warmaster because of Schaub's tendencies to strike rather than take the fight to the ground.

    Barnett could definitely go toe-to-toe with Schaub standing. And as long as he avoids his power, he would likely look to bring the fight to the mat in order to submit The Hybrid

Mark Hunt

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    Back in 2006, Barnett was able to submit Mark Hunt with a kimura in the Pride Openweight Grand Prix quarterfinals.

    But since coming over to the UFC, Hunt has seen a revitalization of his career, bettering himself in all aspects of his game.

    A rematch between these two heavyweight powerhouses would be a great draw and a war we'd love to see.

Cole Konrad

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    He may want back in the UFC, but Barnett might not have that option if the bad blood between him and the promotion still exists.

    And if he ever wants another shot at the title, the UFC might not be the best route.

    Enter Bellator Heavyweight champ Cole Konrad.

    Another top-tier wrestler, but lacking in the striking department, this would make for a great bout.

Gabriel Gonzaga

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    Gabriel Gonzaga was supposed to be a part of the heavyweight spectacle at UFC 146, but he was forced out due to injury.

    A grizzled veteran with great submission skills, this fight would be a great primer bout for Barnett to return to the UFC.

    On the ground, this fight would be an amazing war between these two heavyweight submission artists.

Roy Nelson

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    A battle between hard-nosed, loudmouthed heavyweights, Barnett versus Roy Nelson would be a spectacle in and of itself.

    While Nelson has Dave Herman already on his plate at the upcoming UFC 146, a future fight between Big Country and Barnett would be a bout worthy of its own special.

    The pre-fight interviews alone would make for comedic gold.


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