WWE Over The Limit 2012: 5 Dream Superstar Returns

Max TowleAnalyst IMay 20, 2012

WWE Over The Limit 2012: 5 Dream Superstar Returns

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    I'm in Fantasyland.

    There's no TNA, no Hollywood, basically no world outside of the WWE—the only world that matters, by the way.

    Here are five dream superstar returns for Over The Limit, regardless of extraneous contracts, prior obligations and past feuds with Lord Vincent K. McMahon.

    Just imagine the pops!

Kurt Angle

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    Forget his recent personal problems, forget his TNA devotion, Kurt Angle is still one of the best damn wrestlers in the business.

    In his heyday he was also one of the best heels, with fans reacting strongly to his arrogance and smugness.

    Even with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan main-eventing at Over The Limit Sunday, the WWE could always use another technical genius on its roster.

    Oh it's true, it's true!

Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    I believe I speak for almost every WWE fan when I say that a return to in-ring action is long overdue for Stone Cold.

    There have even been rumours of a possible WrestleMania 29 appearance in the making, with CM Punk heading the list of opponents.

    What better time to start a build-up to an epic match-up than Over The Limit 2012?


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    Of the five guys on this list, Batista is the most likely to return at Over The Limit 2012.

    Since leaving the WWE in 2010, The Animal has made forays into MMA and acting, with mixed success.

    He has not however, ruled out a return to the industry where he made his name.

    Time to come home Dave.

The Undertaker

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    How could I exclude this man?

    The king of wrestling still hasn't resurfaced on our television screens since his epic encounter with Triple H at WrestleMania, as he settles back into the comfort of semi-retirement.

    But with his real-life nemesis Brock Lesnar back in the game, a return at OTL to kick start a mouth-watering feud would be the ultimate PPV moment.

    A guy can dream, can't he?

John Morrison

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    With my final pick, I decided to make things interesting.

    Whilst John Morrison doesn't necessarily deserve to keep company with the four others on the list, a return at Over The Limit would be long overdue for the Guru of Greatness.

    After re-watching some of his best WWE matches the other day (most notably those with The Miz), I remembered just how talented Morrison is.

    Just change the corny entrance this time around Johnny.