WWE: John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis, Will Big Show or Brock Lesnar Interfere?

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WWE: John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis, Will Big Show or Brock Lesnar Interfere?

Over the Limit is upon us and there are more than a few ways that the WWE can go with the John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis match.

The rules have been written for this match and any interference from a WWE superstar will result in that superstar being fired. A loss for Laurinaitis results in him being fired as well.

So that leaves many to believe that this is the ultimate time for Big Show, who was fired last week, to make his return and become the heel once again. It would be a storyline that would bring Big Show back into the WWE and allow Laurinaitis to keep his job.

The problem is this: It has become such an assumed story that the WWE might decide to change it up if this is what they had planned. Or this was their plan all along, to have the WWE Universe expect Big Show to return but be surprised when it does not happen.

So which of the two is going to happen? Are we in for an obvious "twist," or will there be a legitimate surprise in store at Over the Limit?

I believe the latter will happen.

The assumed interference of Big Show is either just what the WWE ordered or has sent WWE writers scrambling in the final days leading up to the event.

Either way, it is not going to happen.

If Big Show does not interfere, will anyone?

There is a part of the fanbase that still believes Brock Lesnar will be playing a role in this match as well. He quit after all and is no longer a WWE superstar, therefore he will not be violating any rules by playing a part in this match.

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Big Show could do the same by interfering and helping Laurinaitis to retain his job and becoming a part of the company again.

What would Lesnar have to gain from this? Not too much except a looming rematch with Cena at some point in the future.

To go this route would be too much to ask for from Lesnar at this time.

To continue his feud with Triple H while revamping his feud with Cena? Not likely.

I would rather go out on a limb and choose not to believe either of these ideas.

Instead, I feel that Cena will win this match and leave Laurinaitis in the ring dazed and confused and the WWE Universe replicating those feelings.

This will result in Cena looking like a hero, the WWE producing a significant shock value and a must-watch Raw the following night.


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