WWE News: Could Raw Possibly Return to Two Hours Before the End of 2012?

Chris Humphrey@@_CBH_Correspondent IMay 19, 2012

Following the news by the WWE to expand Raw SuperShow to three hours starting on July 23, there has been a lot of talk about the move being a great decision but also an equally poor decision.

The new three hour Raw will be in celebration of the company’s flagship program reaching its 1,000th episode after breaking new ground when it debuted in January of 1993 on the USA Network.

Here are the details from F4WOnline via WrestlingInc.com about the doubts from inside the WWE on how long the three-hour time slot will last after the summer.

While WWE claims that the switch to three-hours for RAW is permanent, people within the company believe that the show will be back to two-hours before the end of the year - whether the first hour be dropped or moved to the WWE Network as a recap or pre-show going into the 9pm timeslot.

If the WWE doesn’t want to return to the two-hour slot, the company will need to take strides in improving their storylines, and they need to not just try to stretch them out to cover three hours.

Along with making improvements to current storylines, it would be good for the WWE to bring up some of their younger developmental talent to the main roster to help fill out the program instead of relying heavily on current stars.

Even though doubts are already swirling about the time change, Raw could make this new era of the program a major success if they take the time to make the changes mentioned above each Monday night.

With the announcement of RAW moving from two to three hours later this summer, how long do you believe the flagship show of the WWE will survive in its new time slot on Monday nights?

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