Why Facing the Undertaker on Raw Can Mean Only Good Things for Randy Orton

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIFebruary 2, 2009

If you watched Raw this week, no doubt you heard of the big announcement of what will be happening next Monday. No, I'm not talking about the return of Ric Flair (and believe me that's big) but I'm talking about when Randy Orton goes one on one with The Undertaker.

It's official, Kane talked his brother into competing against Orton next week and now Stephanie McMahon has placed Kane into No Way Out's Elimination Chamber match as a reward.

So you must be thinking "Randy Orton's gonna get it now," or "there's no escaping the Phenom," etc.

Well I got news for you, Randy Orton facing The Undertaker can only mean good things for his future.

Why you ask? Here are the scenarios of what could happen, all of which would eventually end up favoring Orton in the end.

1) Randy Orton beats The Undertaker.

It doesn't matter how he does it, if he defeats The Undertaker it would only be a sign of things to come for Orton's bright future. A victory over the biggest legend left on the roster would give Orton even more momentum heading into Wrestlemania as they wouldn't have something like that done without the serious intent of putting Orton "over" in a major way.

2) Randy Orton gets defeated by The Undertaker.

You'd think this would be bad right? Actually it wouldn't. I expect Shane McMahon to get some revenge and if Orton loses in the main event of Raw before No Way Out, it would be the classic heel-loss to make the fans think he'll receive more of the same before Orton beats Shane McMahon at No Way Out.

3) Randy Orton gets defeated by The Undertaker and loses to Shane McMahon at No Way Out.

Again, you'd think this would be the worse case scenario for Orton right? But it wouldn't be. If Orton lost to both The Undertaker and Shane McMahon, do you really think the WWE would kill all of his hype they've built up then have him lose at Wrestlemania? Losing to both two men would only set up a shocking Orton victory at Wrestlemania 25.

So as you can see, every direction is a good direction for Randy Orton. Prepare yourselves fans, we're awaiting the biggest Monday Night Raw in quite some time and on a positive note, it was nice to see the WWE fix the mistakes they made at the end of last week's Raw.