Washington Redskins: Offensive Reasons That Robert Griffin III Will Succeed

Ben ScullyContributor IIIMay 22, 2012

Washington Redskins: Offensive Reasons That Robert Griffin III Will Succeed

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    The Washington Redskins were disappointing last season, in a way that can only be described as pitiful.

    They also showed massive improvements from the previous season. The defense went from unorganized and sloppy to one of the better defenses in the league. 

    Free-agent Tim Hightower didn’t disappoint until he tore his ACL, and the duo of Roy Helu and Evan Royster showed that the Skins running game is going to be a threat.

    The receivers for the Redskins were impressive, given that they had Rex Grossman throwing to them.

    They’re plenty of reasons to get excited about this upcoming season, especially with the new additions on the team. The Skins will be unappreciated in the NFC East until they prove themselves, and the 2012-13 season seems as good a time as ever to do so.

    The biggest question facing the Skins this year is who will step up to the plate to make the Redskins offense unquestionable.  

    So, I now present the players and their respective positions that can be a tremendous boost to the team. 


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    Robert Griffin III

    You knew I was going to talk about him. We’ve heard all about him, and we’ve made up our minds whether we think he can be instrumental to the future of the team or not.

    Personally, I like him for the team. Shanahan is the perfect coach to utilize his skill-set, and the rest of the team is finally ready to build around a young QB.

    RG3 will strike fear into the heart of his opponents, his speed and athleticism is unquestioned – not to mention that his passing game is spectacular. 

The Backfield

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    Roy Helu

    There’s reason to be excited about this guy for next season. He proved that he’s very capable of picking up yards, and may be the starter come September.

    His explosive speed makes him dangerous in the open field, not to mention his ability to find holes in the defense. He’s also able to make big catches when needed; he’s going to be a huge piece of the offense to build around RG3.  

    He’s very much underrated when it comes to pass-blocking. It’s not what he’s best at, but he did a good job of protecting Rex Grossman last year. 


    Tim Hightower

    The Redskins did the team a huge favor when they re-signed Hightower. He’ll provide a big veteran presence to help the run game out.

    Although Helu will likely take the starting position at running back, Hightower could be instrumental on third downs. His pass-blocking and receiving skills are through the roof, and his running game isn’t bad either.

    He’s not as explosive as Helu or Royster, but his savvy and ability to catch the ball easily make up for that.


    Side note: Evan Royster should provide a very solid third string back, and rookie Alfred Morris has the potential to be a brute in the running game. 

Tight End

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    Fred Davis

    After being forced to sit on the sidelines while Cooley battled through injuries, Fred Davis finally emerged last season as one of the Redskins best playmakers.

    Davis continually proved to consistently make a difference in the game last season. His ability to make plays after catching the ball will provide the Skins with one of the best tight ends in the league this year.

    Given the trouble that the offensive line had with injuries last season, Fred Davis could become Robert Griffin’s best option for the quick pass.  

    Although he was suspended last season for drug use, his numbers still speak for themselves. Last season, he had 59 receptions for 796 total yards. Not bad for just 12 games.


    Sleeper Alert

    Don’t sleep on Chris Cooley. Although he’s been injured the last few seasons, he’s still got the best hands on the team. His work ethic remains unquestioned, if Davis doesn’t start, Cooley will.

This Guy

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    London Fletcher

    Is he not on offense? Weird, because it seems like this dude is everywhere on the field.

    Also, he may be the most underrated player in the league. If there was an award for the most underrated player, he wouldn't win that either – on account of how he would be too underrated for it. 

    Seriously though, he may not be on offense, but it should be known that he’s going to do leaps and bounds for the team again this season.


    (Don't hate on my decision to add Fletcher to this list, he deserves his props. Even in an article about the Skins offense.)


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    This position is likely to generate the most competition.

    This year, the Skins have an overload of talented receivers—none of which have proved themselves to be elite as of yet—but very talented nonetheless.

    Santana Moss

    This guy is my favorite receiver for one reason—he’s dependable.

    Sure, he’s lost a step in the last few seasons. Last year, he broke his hand in the middle of the season, which is why his numbers weren’t what we’re used to seeing out of him.

    Overall though, Santana is in the perfect position to make a massive difference in the offense this year. His ability to make plays after catching sets him apart from the receivers we had last season, and his ability to catch whatever ball is thrown his way should help RG3 out in a big way.


    Pierre Garcon

    With the amount of money that Garcon is getting paid, he needs to step up and be a dependable force for the rookie Robert Griffin.

    He has the tools to be great, he’s fast, smart, and he put up great stats with mediocre quarterbacks at Indianapolis last season.

    Still though, if he doesn’t pan out, it would disappoint a lot of Redskin fans. Myself included.


    Leonard Hankerson

    I’m very excited at the prospect of this second year player being a starter for the Redskins.

    Last season, he didn’t have much opportunity to prove himself before he injured his hip—just 13 receptions for 163 yards. If he can stay healthy, he has the potential to be one of the best offensive weapons for the Redskins.



    Sleeper Alert: Josh Morgan was picked up by the Redskins this offseason. He has height, and his stats at San Francisco were good. He has the potential to start and to be a valued member of the team.  

To Conclude:

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    The biggest question surrounding the Redskins going into the 2012 season, is if they can score. 

    Last season with Grossman manning the helm for the team, the Skins biggest problem was that they couldn't score. They (roughly) averaged about one touchdown in every three trips they made to the red zone. 

    With Robert Griffin III throwing the ball, and the rest of the team finally being capable of helping out, I see no reason why that stat shouldn't improve.


    Please feel free to comment below, I want to know how you intelligent Redskin fans think of what I think.