WWE: Chris Jericho Departure Speculation Needs to Stop

Sara Stapleton@SaraIsImportantContributor IIIMay 19, 2012

HOUSTON, TX - APRIL 5: (L-R) WWE Superstar Chris Jericho taunts actor Mickey Rourke as they prepare to duel during WrestleMania 25 at Reliant Stadium on April 5, 2009 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Bill Olive/Getty Images)
Bill Olive/Getty Images

I don't expect to move mountains with this article, nor do I really expect to sway anyone with the sentiment behind it. I just believe it needs to be said.

Seemingly every week, article after article pops up on wrestling sites the World Wide Web over claiming to have genuine proof that Chris Jericho is about to leave the company. This has gone on since the moment he returned.

The night of his return, I was completely inundated with articles speculating as to how long he was going to stick around, if he was just cashing in on the WrestleMania paycheck, and dozens of other similar theories.

I was personally attempting to enjoy his return, but my happiness was decreased tenfold by these articles. I was further disheartened to note that a similar theme with the articles was their being prefaced with, "I'm a huge fan of Jericho, but..." and things of that nature.

The correct response to the return should have been, "I'm a huge fan of Jericho, and I'm happy he's back."

It's that simple.

Chris Jericho entered into a spectacular program with WWE Champion CM Punk. The two put on a veritable clinic at WrestleMania, which by all estimations should have thrilled anyone who had the opportunity to see the match.

Instead, the departure speculations, which had hushed to little more than a murmur with the possibility of a Jericho title reign, elevated to a deafening roar.

The Superstars continued to have an exciting and interesting feud, perfectly paced and expertly executed by two masters of their craft. The build to their Chicago-Style Street Fight at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view served to intensify the stakes, and legitimize CM Punk as a champion and Chris Jericho as a worthy adversary.

When Jericho lost at that pay-per-view, however, the masses responded with more embittered accusations that Jericho would be leaving the company, and immediately.

Never mind that the only seemingly legitimate reports put his contract through right around Summer Slam.

Now, amidst the buzz surrounding the Fatal-Four-Way at Over the Limit, there's even more speculation. It has now escalated to the point that Jericho's actually responded.

In an interview for The Daily Star, a UK based publication, Jericho recently acknowledged the rumors and speculation by saying:

"Lots of fans were saying please come back, so I came back. Punk and I had some good thoughts on what we could do together and people were saying screw you, you’re only back for the payday at Mania. 




I’m nothing like those guys. I’ve only missed four house shows since I came back. I ended up signing for four months longer than I planned to do. And yes, when it’s done I’ll devote myself 100 percent to Fozzy for our run.




I’m in the best shape ever, I’m not hurt, I can easily come back for as long as I want whenever I want, but people should understand that I’m not going to wrestle until I’m 85 years old."


This comes straight from the mouth of the man himself, but it's still not good enough for many, and the departure rumors are still flying from every direction.

It's a wonder he doesn't have whiplash.

If that's not good enough for the fans, though, there's really not much more that can be said. They're going to assume what they want to assume, and they're going to believe what they want to believe. WWE fans are annoyingly set in their ways in that respect.

With that said, it is my dearest wish that people would just cease and desist with the rumors of his imminent departure from the company; when it happens, it's going to happen, and there's nothing you can do or say to stop it happening.

Rather than speculating as to when he will leave the company, don't you think it could only increase your enjoyment to really kick back and enjoy the here and now?

If you look far enough into the future, no one's going to like what they see. It would appear to me that the present time is a more pressing issue than the future, and something to be enjoyed to its fullest extent.

If that contradicts your (likely embittered) life outlook, the least you can do is have the decency to actually appreciate that he's here in the company right now, working matches for all of your entertainment.

The real tragedy of his return isn't that it's not going to go on as long as you would like; the real tragedy is that the return was for the fans, who have appeared by and large ungrateful.

It's a real shame that such an amazing display of showmanship and talent, and something that had the potential to be really special, should fall on deaf ears.