Are Technical Fouls Given out Too Often in the NBA?

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Are Technical Fouls Given out Too Often in the NBA?
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After viewing the technical foul given out to Clippers forward Reggie Evans, I began to wonder if technical fouls are given out too often in the NBA.  It seems that technical fouls are given without purpose by some NBA referees. 

As you can see when viewing the video, Evans didn't do anything besides giving a high-five to teammate Blake Griffin.  If that's deemed out of line, then the NBA has become a sport that I did not grow up watching.  What happened to tough, hard-nose basketball?  There are times when technical fouls should be given out, such as when a fight or scuffle occurs.  However, is an NBA player allow to question officiating anymore?

Some players do complain a bit too much.  Former NBA forward Rasheed Wallace received 304 technical fouls in his tenure with the league.  That includes receiving 41 in just 80 games. However, not all of the technical fouls were his fault.  In this video, Wallace gets a technical foul for intimidating a referee?  Also featured is an ejection for shrugging over a call. 

The NBA and its referees are becoming too dependent on giving out technical fouls.  Technical fouls should be given, but when necessary.  The Los Angeles Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies saw too many technical fouls.  Believe it or not, a technical foul can swing momentum in a playoff game. 

Commissioner David Stern needs to get a better sense of control over his officials.  Not only has there been a good amount of poor foul calls in the playoffs thus far, but there have been plenty of just plain unnecessary technical fouls.  There will be serious questions regarding how NBA officials are calling the game if improvements aren't met. 

I've seen enough technical fouls for no reason or purpose throughout my days of watching the NBA recently.  Players get technical fouls for laughing on the bench and giving high-fives now?  What is next?

Technical fouls are given out to players based on a referee's emotion as well.  If a referee is feeding off the crowd's applause or approval, there is a chance a player could be ejected with two technical fouls if a player keeps on going with an argument. 

To give a player a technical foul for emotion after a play is a bit over the top.  If a player goes a bit overboard, it can be necessary.  However, to take money away from these players for outrageous "technical fouls" is not fair.  If the refs are told to call the game like this, then something needs to be done.

The overuse of technical fouls is happening more and more in the NBA.  Call them when necessary, but don't hurt the state of the league and the enjoyment of the game for fans by calling them without purpose. 

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