Andre Berto vs. Victor Ortiz: Berto Reportedly Tests Positive for Steroids

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Andre Berto vs. Victor Ortiz: Berto Reportedly Tests Positive for Steroids
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On the heels of the Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson controversy, where Lamont Peterson tested positive for synthetic testosterone, there seems to be a new controversy now with former two-time welterweight champion Andre Berto.

Andre Berto has reportedly tested positive for traces of nandrolone, which is a banned substance. Right now, Berto's team is on damage control trying to prove their fighter's innocence. 

It was Gabe Montoya, the same man who broke Peterson's positive testing, who broke the news yet again.


To clarify, both A and B samples of Andre Berto have been confirmed for traces of nandrolone. "

Victor Conte has said that it's most likely from trace contamination and not from any of the supplements he gave Berto.


Andre Berto's positive test for nandrolone has absolutely nothing to do with me or any supplements I provided. Likely trace contamination"

And this seems plausible, as a large amount of people testing positive for anabolic steroids from 1998-2003 was a result of trace contamination from the supplement and not from injection.

Conte is continually dropping tweets to try to defend his man and inform the public what they need to know. From the looks of it, it seems more of an accident.


Lots of uneducated people. Nandrolone is the longest lasting steroid known to man. No athlete would ever use it with intent to cheat"


Several hundred positive tests for nandrolone. I don't believe they are from using it with intent to cheat. Always from trace contamination"


This shows that VADA is highly effective. I encouraged Andre to enroll in VADA & he comes up positive. An investigation is being conducted"

To be honest, though, Conte's presence doesn't really help the situation since he was once supplying steroids to athletes years ago with BALCO.

This is more ammunition to people who wish to strengthen testing in boxing. 

To everybody who laughed at Floyd Mayweather Jr. years ago asking for stronger testing, what do you think now?

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