Matt Cassel: The Arizona Cardinals 2009 Starting Quarterback

Eli EtzelContributor IFebruary 2, 2009

The Cardinals played a great game in the Super Bowl, but it is time to start to look towards the 2009-2010 season.

Will Boldin be back? I think so. Larry Fitzgerald already said he would take a paycut for the team to try to resign Boldin.

Another key question is, will Kurt Warner be back next season or retire. I think he will retire. That's where Matt Cassel comes into play. He will not be a Patriot next season if Tom Brady comes back. The Patriots want to trade him away and out of their conference so they wont have to play him. I could see the Cardinals giving up a first and third round pick to get him.

They really cant be seriously believing in Matt Leinart. He has not really proven himself at all this far in his NFL career. The Cardinals could possibly trade away Matt Leinart and get back a third or fourth round pick to get back for the trade for Cassel.

The Cardinals with Cassel could be a powerhouse in the NFC for years to come with a group of great young receivers Breaston, Boldin, and Fitzgerald who all had 1,000 yard seasons.

There could be able to throw the deep ball more often and possibly farther with Cassel at QB. Don't get me wrong Kurt Warner is still a great QB but I think they need a good young QB as their face of their franchise with their young good wideouts and young defensive backfield with Rodgers-Cromartie, Rolle, Hood, and the leader Wilson. The Cardinals if they execute this trade or Warner comes back XLIIII could be a match-up I think between the Cardinals and Patriots.