What Phillies Need To Do To Win Another World Series

michael watersContributor IFebruary 2, 2009

The Philadelphia Phillies say they are going to win the World Series before they say that they need to do a lot more then they excepted, they need to get a better bullpen because most of the batters they face are going to know what they are going to throw.

Second they need a third baseman that they can rely on throughout the season.

Third Jc Romero is out so that isn't going to be good because I know Ryan Madson can be really good but he's not really a guy thats they can rely on, but if Madson really wants to show his goodness this is his time right here, but if he can't do it its going to be bad for the Phillies.

Fourth in my opinion they to get rid of Adam Eaton after his contract is done. I know its only four suggestions but they need to focus on some of that stuff