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Oakland Raiders: Huggy Bear Jr. for the Win!

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Oakland Raiders: Huggy Bear Jr. for the Win!
I've been saying for years, why don't they give the ball to Justin Fargas, a.k.a. "Huggy Bear Jr.," and finally, last year they did.

In the last half of the season, only Ryan Grant rushed for more yards.

I know in the early years of his career, he had fumble issues, but I think he's always had more talent and much more speed than Lamont Jordan.

There are rumors the Raiders might try and sign a veteran back to back him up. I say Dominic Rhodes is enough, if he can bear remaining a backup, which is why he left the Indianapolis Colts.

Oakland should be looking at Adrian Peterson's success in Minnesota and look to sign linemen who can make the huge holes Adrian got.

Everyone raves about Adrian Peterson, but do you notice in the shots of his phenomenal runs, you don't see any linemen? That's because they've made holes so big, they're out of the shot.

That's what the Raiders need, more than anything. A dominant O-Line. With that, and the son of Huggy Bear on the ball.

LT who?
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