Which NFL QB Is More Destined to Disappoint in 2012? Cutler, Romo, or Rivers?

Josh ZerkleChief Writer IIIMay 18, 2012

Quarterbacking in the NFL is a tough racket. Former Giants GM Ernie Accorsi was fond of saying that quarterbacks "are playing a different sport" than the other 21 guys on the field, and that may be true.

It's indisputable that no single player gets more credit or blame for his team's success or failure than the one that lines up behind the center. And of the 32 players that will partake in that vocation each NFL Sunday, some of them are just destined to disappoint. 

National Lead Writer Dan Levy and I were given three choices at quarterback and asked to make a case for which we would find the most disappointing in 2012. Our options were the Chicago Bears' Jay Cutler, San Diego Chargers signal-caller Philip Rivers, and of course Tony Romo

Enjoy our video and see which quarterback each of us chose. Don't hesitate to leave us your two cents in the comments, even if your choice wasn't on our short list.