WWE News: Update on Problems for John Cena in His Divorce from His Wife

Chris HumphreyCorrespondent IMay 18, 2012


Following the news earlier this month that he would be filing for divorce from his wife of three years, John Cena might have a little trouble with his divorce after it was seemingly going to go smooth in the earlier moments.

Here are the details from TMZ via WrestlingInc.com about the things Cena’s future ex-wife wants done in their ongoing divorce proceedings.

According to documents, John referred to Elizabeth by her maiden name instead of her legal name. Elizabeth also claims John did not attach the pre-nup that he referenced in his divorce filing.

Elizabeth also has issues with John's claims there was no marital property. She insists there is and for these reasons, she wants the judge to dismiss the papers and force John to re-file.

As mentioned in past articles about the Cena divorce here on Bleacher Report, the WWE should stay away from bringing this into television storylines as it would be a very poor decision by the company with the arguable face of the company.

Even though making mistakes in his initial filing earlier this month, Cena needs to find a way to settle this divorce as quickly as possible so it doesn’t pick up steam with the hardcore anti-Cena fans and chants begin at live events.

With Cena’s divorce beginning to show the signs of getting messy in the future, how do you think the WWE will handle the situation on television in his current storyline with John Laurinaitis?


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