Breaking News: TNA Signs Brooke Hogan as Knockout Executive

Ryan SzAnalyst IIMay 18, 2012

Well, TNA has done it again. The promotion has signed Hulk Hogan's daughter, Brooke to be the Executive in Charge of the Knockouts Division.

A press release (via was given detailing the signing:


New York, NY, May 17, 2012 – Television personality and recording artist Brooke Hogan is joining the cast of the highly-rated weekly wrestling program , TNA’s “IMPACT WRESTLING” starting Thursday, May 31 on Spike TV. Brooke’s role will be as the Executive in Charge of the female wrestling division, The Knockouts.

Brooke will join a star-studded cast of the biggest names in professional wrestling, including her father, wrestling legend Hulk Hogan . TNA’s flagship series, “IMPACT WRESLTING,” telecasts on Spike TV and is one of the network’s top-rated series on Thursday nights with young men and currently ranks among the top shows on cable in its timeslot with Men 18-34.

In addition to overseeing the traditional duties of the Knockouts Division, Brooke will bring a new energy and direction to the role working with the girls in a variety of capacities.

"I have really gotten to know Brooke by working with her on her music career this past year and a half," said Dixie Carter, President of TNA Wrestling. "When we did talk wrestling, I not only loved her passion and knowledge of it, but the fresh, creative ideas she would come up with. She is very savvy. I asked if she would consider teaming up with me in this capacity while she also worked on her music, and I was thrilled when she said ‘yes.’ A big personality runs in her genes, obviously, and I know she is going to take an already exciting division of Impact Wrestling to another level..."

The rest of the press release goes on to talk about TNA's upcoming Slammiversary PPV as well as Brooke's prior entertainment experience with singing and B-horror movies.

A move like this seems incredibly illogical, especially to fans, as Brooke doesn't have much experience in the ring. Fans will likely claim this is just another instance of TNA copying the WWE, who had just recently signed Ric Flair's daughter to a developmental contract.

I have always wanted TNA to succeed because competition between promotions give the fans the best wrestling, but a move like this seems like a step backward. It may end up working depending on how they want to use Brooke, but right now it seems like a rehash of when Hogan first started working with TNA and brought his friends like the Nasty Boys and Bubba the Love Sponge with him.

Now while some may try to wait this out to see what happens, others will just see this as nepotism happening in pro wrestling once again. Though to be fair to TNA and the Hogans, they aren't the most egregious with signing a family far. WWE had done so to an extent with Shane and Stephanie McMahon, both of whom had won mid-level titles when they wrestled, though they did have experience of some sort in the wrestling industry prior to strapping on their boots.

“Cowboy” Bill Watts was already on a lot of people's crap lists with how he was managing WCW, but he got on a lot more lists after he decided to push his son Eric Watts to the moon. Eric had the Herculean look of a wrestler, but not the talent, especially that expected of someone receiving the push that they were. Then of course there were other instances like David Flair wrestling, though that was more of the doing of WCW management more than David's father, Ric.

In the end it will be interesting to see how this plays out and how big of a role Brooke will play on screen. The unfortunate thing is that TNA doesn't have as many outlets to showcase its wrestlers like WWE does, so a few people may be losing their chances to show the fans what they can do in the ring in favor of giving Hogan's daughter a job.