Perez Won't Get Mets Into October

Daniel DresnerCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2009

Three years and $36 million later the Mets' rotation is no better than it was in 2008. When are GMs going to realize that Oliver Perez will never reach the seemingly limitless potential he seems to have? The Mets are a team that is desperate to improve its roster after two consecutive late season collapses, but this move isn't getting them any closer.

Left-handed starters command a certain premium, but this is ridiculous. This guy is receiving the money of an ace or a strong second starter, but he isn't filling that spot in the Mets rotation.

The Mets did a solid job of solidifying a weak bullpen with the acquisitions of Francisco Rodriguez and J.J. Putz, but apparently do not feel like improving their rotation which has a significant drop-off after the game's best, Johan Santana.

Mike Pelfrey will hopefully develop into a serviceable number two and John Maine represents an average third starter, but this rotation isn't getting the Mets into the playoffs in a tough NL East.

Ben Sheets is definitely a risk with his injury history, but when healthy he and Perez and are night and day. Sheets will win more games in a half a season and the Mets could probably sign him for less than $10 million a year in this market. The savings could go towards an Abreu, Dunn, or even Manny to get another bat in that outfield (save that for another article).

It's unfortunate that the Mets lost out on Derek Lowe and the other top pitching candidates, but giving a size-able contract to a broken cog with potential that continues to never be realized is foolish.