10 Athletes That Elin Nordegren Needs to Consider for Next Hookup

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 17, 2012

10 Athletes That Elin Nordegren Needs to Consider for Next Hookup

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    Elin Nordegren is back on the open market, not that any of you stand a chance. That is, unless you count yourself among the lucky few we think she should consider. 

    People Magazine brings some sad news to fans of true love or Jamie Dingman. It seems that the businessman and the former wife of Tiger Woods are no longer an item. 

    I will let this sink in before we delve into the thought of her moving on. 

    I know that many of you are torn to pieces, but life moves on. That is why we have collected 10 athletes that would be a fine match for her for the long term or perhaps for a naughty little rebound. 

    Of course, we can't hit them all. So please let me know who you suggest would be the perfect fit for Nordegren in this hour of need. 

10. David Wright

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    David Wright is saving the New York Mets, which is pretty much the same as being a superhero. If Nordegren is going to make another splash in the world of sports, she needs to get with a superstar. 

    And he doesn't even mind getting plunked in a baseball game. He is good and noble—what a guy!

9. Pau Gasol

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    This is just a selfish little inclusion on my part. 

    Here we have the goofiest player in the NBA getting a Dwyane Wade dosage of swagger with one date. 

    He may not be able to defend the paint, and he shrivels when the Lakers need him, but all that goes out the door if he can woo this beautiful blonde. 

8. Aaron Rodgers

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    I'm married, and even I go gaga for Aaron Rodgers. 

    The man is grizzled, chiseled and is a born winner. He is patient as can be (evident in his years behind Brett Favre), smart (proven by his years at Berkeley) and a champion. 

    What more do you want? 

7. Jeremy Lin

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    Yeah, you knew he would find his way on to this list. I promise to include a big surprise as a trade-off for this one. 

    The obvious notion is that she needs to get with a nice guy that won't break her heart and blah, blah, blah.

    I say Lin is the new prince of Manhattan and will be the perfect person to have and hold for the rest of 2012. Though, she would be wise to make sure his knee fully heals before committing long term. 

    That's good advice for the Knicks, too. 

6. Mark Sanchez

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    Don Juan would be a nice choice. 

    Sure, he may lose his starting job to a man of destiny and fate, but he just seems like the perfect rebound guy. 

    He will show you all the glamor and glitz of the big city...and then walk you to your cab in the morning. He is a true gentleman. 

5. Matt Kemp

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    He has dated Rihanna and was recently seen with Eva Longoria, so the KeMVP already has some experience with the highfalutin world of celebrity dating. 

    It seems that Nordegren has an affection for men that excel. I would wager that being the best player in the majors would be attractive.

4. Derek Jeter

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    If you are looking for the Babe Ruth of the dating scene, look no further than the Derek Jeter of the Yankees.

    I would have to say that his greatest hit would be Minka Kelly, who is now dating Wilmer Valderrama. I know, I am sick thinking of it as well. 

    Nordegren may be the woman to make this guy settle down...or not. Either way, this would be a great fit. 

3. Kris Humphries

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    You never know what you are going to get when you enter a new relationship. There is always that special time when you don't know if the person is the perfect one or a total lunatic. 

    It's a great and exciting time that can also be nerve-racking. 

    With Humphries, you know exactly what you are going to get—even if it is a jerk. 

2. Tiger Woods

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    Oh yeah, Tiger Woods. 

    We are working in the wonderful land of make-believe, so there really should be no arguments here...I think. 

    Here is where I am coming from: This reunion would be horrible for Nordegren but pure brilliance for everyone else. 

    Can you imagine the drama of a Woods pairing? There is also the added bonus that Woods would presumably not suck on the golf course any more. It's a win-win all around. 

    Well, except for Nordegren, of course. 

1. Tim Tebow

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    He is charming, good-looking and the most well-mannered man in the world. If he could actually throw the ball, he would be the full package. 

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