Colorado Rockies GM Miscues This Offseason

Mike SavinoContributor IMay 17, 2012

Carlos Gonzalez during Spring Training - Photo by Mike Savino
Carlos Gonzalez during Spring Training - Photo by Mike Savino

I understand that the Rockies are a mid-market team and the payroll will be similar to the Braves, Indians and Nationals.  The Rockies opening day payroll did drop approximately $10 million (mostly due to the restructure of Todd Helton’s contract) from 2011. What I have the issue with is how the Rockies GM, Dan O'Dowd, utilizes the funding of the team.

For example, this off-season we needed a second baseman, third baseman and starting pitching. O'Dowd’s biggest acquisition was a pricey right fielder and then went on a dumpster diving mission trying to fill the needed positions with projects, particularly the starting pitching. The same scenario played out last year with the signings of Ty Wiggington, Jose Lopez and Felipe Paulino. In the end the Rockies had to eat half of Wiggington's salary and $3.6 million of Lopez's salary.

I feel O’Dowd’s downfall is the way he approaches positional need and it appears ever since the Carlos Gonzalez trade where Dan hit the lottery, that he is constantly chasing the same result. It has the feeling of an obsessed gambler who is always chasing his next big win. Unfortunately, just as the gambler in a casino realizes, you wind up not being successful.

How do you not close the deal on Martin Prado and have a plan at 3B besides Casey Blake this offseason? How do you think that a 49-year-old and a 17-loss pitcher will fulfill your rotation woes. These type of decisions would get any executive regardless of the industry fired if this type of trend continues.