Grading the Miami Heat Midway Through the Second Round

Trevor Lowry@@TheTrevorLowryContributor IMay 18, 2012

Grading the Miami Heat Midway Through the Second Round

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    Chris Bosh getting injured is obviously a huge blow to the Miami Heat, but they still have LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Not to mention, other players on the team that haven't been too shabby themselves.

    If Miami does not win a NBA championship this year, there will be a huge letdown in South Beach. The Heat are favorites to win the entire thing this year, but that is kind of obvious.

    Just for the record, Bosh will not be on this list because he has only played one game in the series against the Indiana Pacers and he is kind of out for the series and all due to an injury. 

    Let's take a look at how each player has done for the Heat so far, shall we?

    Read on to see the grades of the Miami Heat midway through the second round. 

Dexter Pittman

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    Points per game: 0

    Rebounds per game: 0

    Dexter Pittman may only have only played three minutes in the series against Indiana, but all of his stats still read "zero."

    Grade: F

Juwan Howard

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    Points per game: 0

    Rebounds per game: 0

    Considering that Juwan Howard has only played three minutes in three games against the Indiana Pacers, he has been practically useless.

    Hey, at least he shot the ball once, but he still missed.

    Grade: F

Norris Cole

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    Points per game: 1.3

    Assists per game: 0.3

    Norris Cole has surprisingly not been very effective for the Miami Heat against the Pacers. He is averaging nine minutes per game in the series and has only shot the ball four times.

    Luckily for Cole, he made two of those shots.

    Grade: D+

Terrel Harris

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    Points per game: 0

    Rebounds per game: 0

    There is no need to talk about Terrel Harris for the fact that he has only played three minutes in the series.

    Grade: F

James Jones

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    Points per game: 2 

    Rebounds per game: 2

    James Jones is 0-for-6 from behind the arc in conference semifinals. This man was put on the Heat to knock down threes, so when he doesn't, he is kind of useless.

    In all fairness though, Jones is barely getting any playing time.

    Grade: D

Ronny Turiaf

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    Points per game: 4 

    Rebounds per game: 4.3

    Ronny Turiaf may not be the biggest producer on the Heat, but at least he is putting up better numbers against the Pacers than he did in the regular season. 

    It may not be a lot of points and rebounds or that big of a difference at all, but still.

    Grade: D+

Joel Anthony

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    Points per game: 6.3 

    Rebounds per game: 4.7 

    Joel Anthony is definitely getting a lot more playing time against the Pacers than he did the entire season, which is a result of Chris Bosh going down. 

    Anthony was pretty ineffective in Game 2, going 0-for-5 from the field, but he did have six rebounds, which should count for something. However, it is sad that he could not manage a single point, when he was in the game for 35 minutes.

    Grade: C-

Udonis Haslem

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    Points per game: 2

    Rebounds per game: 4

    Miami must have not liked what it saw from Udonis Haslem in its first two games against Indiana, because he barely saw any minutes of playing time in Game 3.

    With that said, Haslem's production on the boards hasn't been too shabby for only averaging 14 minutes in three games.

    Grade: D+

Shane Battier

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    Points per game: 1.7

    Rebounds per game: 3.7

    Shane Battier is not having a good postseason whatsoever. Unless if you consider going 1-for-9 from three-point range good.

    In three games, Battier has managed to only score in one of them. 

    Battier may not be the most important player on Miami, but it could surely use his three-point shooting in the playoffs.

    Grade: D

Mike Miller

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    Points per game: 2.7

    Rebounds per game: 3

    Mike Miller's two threes in Game 3 was a plus, but that has really been the only good thing for him in the series.

    Grade: F

Mario Chalmers

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    Points per game: 11.3

    Rebounds per game: 4.3 

    Mario Chalmers went absolutely off in Game 3, with 25 points. This was really impressive, considering that he not only led the Heat in points, but he had the game high as well.

    It is too bad that Dwyane Wade and LeBron James didn't play up to par in this game, because it kind of ruined the fact that Chalmers killed it.

    Chalmers gets an A, just for the fact that he is producing more in the conference semifinals than he did all season long.

    Grade: A 

Dwyane Wade

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    Points per game: 19.3

    Rebounds per game: 3.7

    Dwyane Wade had a horrible game last night against the Pacers. His mere five points for the Heat took them completely out of the game.

    A shooting percentage of 31 percent from the field is not going to get it done, and that is what Wade is averaging this series. He may have scored 29 and 24 in the first two games, but he still shot pretty poorly from the field in both games.

    If Miami has any chance of winning against Indiana, Wade must not only pick up his game, but play better than he has all season long.

    Grade: C+

LeBron James

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    Points per game: 27.3

    Rebounds per game: 10.3

    With Chris Bosh going down, LeBron James has to step up his game, if the Heat want to win this series. However, there is only so much that King James can do because the Heat are losing the series 1-2, and he is averaging pretty good numbers.

    Two areas that James needs to improve in is his free throws and from behind the arc. Scoring over 100 points would also do wonders, but that's not going to happen.

    James is playing pretty well in the series, but there is only so much that a king can do.

    Grade: A

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