New Jersey Nets-Florida Panthers: This Is Kinda Weird

JerseySenior Analyst IFebruary 2, 2009

Brett Yormark runs the New Jersey Nets, while Michael Yormark runs the Florida Panthers. What do Brett and Michael have in common? Well, besides parents and a birthday, they also run sports teams that don't tend to sell out.

So, with extra seats needing to be filled, the brothers Yormark came up with an ingenious plot!

Nets season ticket holders will be offered, as some sort of incentive, Panthers tickets, depending on availability. Down in Sunrise, Panthers season ticket holders get the same deal, only they get Nets tickets.

Sounds great! Buy tickets to one team, get tickets to the other! Except the teams play different sports, and are kinda far apart. This isn't Knicks/Rangers or Yankees/Mets we're talking about here. It's not even Devils/Phillies. It's a Jersey team and a Florida team, and the "different sports" thing doesn't exactly add to the appeal.

Say you're considering buying Nets tickets, because the economy is down and you can't afford Knicks tickets.

The Nets offer you this great incentive: Come see our team that no one likes, and you'll get tickets to see ANOTHER team that no one likes! All you need is a plane ticket! Oh, and if you're only interested in basketball, this will help broaden your horizons!

Yeah, that's gonna work. Good luck with that.