2008 Arizona Cardinals = 2007 Colorado Rockies

Rain ManCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2009

First off, congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers for winning their sixth Super Bowl yesterday. Second off, congratulations to Santonio Holmes for taking home MVP. Third off, congrats to the Arizona Cardinals for winning the "Worst Defense Out of All Super Bowl Teams" trophy.

Yes, the Steelers have a very good offense, and Big Ben is an amazing quarterback; I am not taking anything away from the Steelers, but man, the Cardinals D was trash! They couldn't stop my grandma from scoring a TD.

Now I know why they made the Super Bowl, because their amazing pass offense couldn't be stopped. And I know why they even made it to the playoffs in the first place: The rest of the NFC West is pathetically weak (and I have no idea how the New York Jets lost to the garbage Seahawks and 49ers late in the season). The Cardinals were the football equivalent of the 2007 Colorado Rockies baseball team.

Out of 86 teams that took the field in the history of the Super Bowl, no one gave up more touchdowns (49) than the Cardinals. Defense wins championships, and the Cardinals sure don't have a Super Bowl caliber defense. The only bright side is Adrian Wilson and Darnell Dockett. They brought in little pressure on Ben Roethlisberger, and as a result, they were torched.

The Steelers, in the other hand, know how to play defense.