Vince Young: Bills QB Shows Maturity by Accepting His Role on Team

Chris Trapasso@ChrisTrapassoAnalyst IMay 17, 2012

Although he's experienced a gradual but drastic fall from football prominence, Vince Young is still a mature guy. 

He's gone from collegiate national champion, to No. 3 overall pick, to successful starter, to Michael Vick's backup, to second-stringer for the Buffalo Bills.

Young said all the right things during his first few appearances with local media and is gladly accepting his role as the backup behind Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Although he and the Bills' current starter have eerily similar career stats and nearly identical career QB ratings, Young recognizes he was acquired to play behind Fitzpatrick and seems to be fine with that. 

The Texas Longhorn icon joined Tim Micallef and Sid Seixeiro on 590 The Fan in Toronto and spoke about his current role

I know my role. Fitz (Ryan Fitzpatrick), he’s the starter, and right now I’m competing for the second job, second-string quarterback right now. So my whole thing is just waking up in the morning, working out, doing what’s been told and getting in the film room and the study room with Coach Lee and trying to soak up all the offense that I can before OTAs on the 29th get here. That’s my biggest role right now.

So, clearly, any quarterback controversy that's stirred up before the season begins will be a media or fan creation. 

The members of the Bills front office completed their due diligence on Young in terms of his on-field skill set and fit within the team's offense. But they also made sure he knew they were fully behind Fitzpatrick and that he wouldn't be competing for the starting job. 

For a guy coming from the University of Texas who won a national title, was picked No. 3 overall just six years ago, has made Pro Bowls, and has a 31-19 record as a starter, it can't be easy playing behind a seventh-round pick from Harvard. 

But, it's obvious—Vince Young isn't attempting to start a quarterback controversy in Buffalo, and his past has led him to be a humble and mature NFL player.