WWE over the Limit 2012: CM Punk Not Closing PPV Will Continue to Damage Title

T.J. McaloonContributorMay 17, 2012

CM Punk has been the WWE Champion for the last six months, but he hasn’t closed a pay-per-view since “Tables Ladders & Chairs” in December. It is not only hurting the prestige of the WWE Title, it is also hurting the build for Punk as the “guy” in the WWE. 

On the latest edition of “T.J. McAloon and the Sports Half Hour,” my guest and I talked about why Punk has been overshadowed by John Cena over the last five months of his title reign. 

Punk won the WWE Title over Alberto Del Rio at the November pay-per-view, “Survivor Series.” However, his title victory wasn’t a main event match, as the tag team match of John Cena and The Rock vs. The Miz and R-Truth closed the show. 

From there, Punk got the main feud heading into the next pay-per-view. After that show, he was pushed back down the card for the Royal Rumble match. 

After the Royal Rumble match overshadowed Punk and the WWE Title, Cena’s feud with Kane dominated RAW heading into “Elimination Chamber.” Cena’s feud with The Rock was the main focus at the biggest show of the year, “WrestleMania 28," not the WWE Title and CM Punk. 

The WWE should have given Punk the chance to close the next pay-per-view with his return bout against Chris Jericho at “Extreme Rules,” but instead he was pushed to the background for the returning Brock Lesnar and Cena. 

At “Over the Limit,” Punk should have a great match against Daniel Bryan. Both are arguably the best technical wrestlers in the company. However, because of the little-to-no build for the match, compared to the Cena/John Laurinaitis storyline, it has zero chance to be the last match and the most important match.

When Cena was the WWE champion, his matches closed the show at the top of the card. Having non-championship matches as the main event not only hurts the superstar holding the title, but it also takes the importance away from the belt.

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