Saints Quarterback Drew Brees "Frustrated": Mr. Benson, Pay the Man

Jason Bernos@Berns247Contributor IIMay 17, 2012

Source: Geaux Lay Down Facebook page
Source: Geaux Lay Down Facebook page

"It's been extremely frustrating for me. I don't think the negotiations should have been this difficult."

That is just one of the quotes that sticks out from Drew Brees' interview on WWL radio in New Orleans on Wednesday.

To me, it's all about priorities, and the longer Saints owner Tom Benson and GM Mickey Loomis wait, the lower it looks like Brees was on that priority list. And since we're talking about a star quarterback, it should have been the complete opposite. 

Brees should have been signed to a long-term contract the second he walked on the plane after winning MVP of Super Bowl XLIV. When he entered that plane, it should have looked like one of Donald Trump's divorce parties. The only thing that should have been "discussed" was Loomis saying to Brees, "Tell me when to stop" and pointing at a pile of money.

Just because the Saints are in the Big Easy doesn't mean it was going to be that simple. 

But really? 

It's this difficult? 

It seems like the only person who has a sense of urgency is Brees. You would think that in light of the situation with head coach Sean Payton being suspended for the entire season, New Orleans would put their superstar quarterback and field general at the top of the priority list.

Not Bill Parcells. Not Marques Colston. And definitely not buying the New Orleans Hornets when you have the reigning Offensive Player of the Year coming off a six year, well-below-average contract and still unsigned.

Do you know how embarrassing it is to get slapped with the franchise tag?

Yeah, everyone sees the dollar amount is big, but there is no security after that. And, its not even about that, it's about being one of the top players in this league having to watch rookies come in (before the new CBA), who haven't stepped foot on an NFL field, and get $40-50 million guaranteed contracts.

Do everyone in NOLA a favor, Mr. Benson.

Stop the madness and add a little good press at the same time, or in other words...