Why Having Stone Cold Face Randy Orton Would Be a Horrible Idea for the WWE

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2009

Rumors are starting around the net that Stone Cold Steve Austin is having his farewell match this WrestleMania. Everyone is wondering who his opponent will be, and now the proposition is Randy Orton, The Leader of the Legacy, The Legend Killer, etc.

People are saying they hope for this, but in actuality, it's a bad idea for the WWE to pull the trigger on. Randy Orton and the legacy are burning rubber right now in the WWE. It's a matter of time before they pick up the Tag titles, and Randy has his title shot at WM (why would he drop it to face Austin?).

Making the Leader of the future of the WWE lose to Austin, who is walking out of the door at WrestleMania, would disrupt everything for the progress of The Legacy as a legitimate powerhouse.

I know we all love Stone Cold, but he's not worth ruining the development of these guys as a group.

Please don't bite my head off for this guys.