WWE OTL 2012: 4 Things That Could Happen and 4 Things That Should Happen

Chris Featherstone@@CraveWrestlingFeatured ColumnistMay 17, 2012

WWE OTL 2012: 4 Things That Could Happen and 4 Things That Should Happen

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    It's prediction time. But these set of predictions are a bit different. With all of the scrambling going on in the current booking—changing feuds, canceling angles and pushing back returns—the WWE has given us some of the most unorganized writing in recent history.

    This year's Over the Limit pay-per-view does not have much competition to beat compared to last year's. Over the Limit 2011 was one of the worst pay-per-views of the year; unfortunately, 2012 does not look like it's shaped to be any better.

    With all of the chaos going on the the WWE right now and Over the Limit being a platform for the summer feuds, here are four things that could happen, and four things that should happen.

Could: No. 4. Ryback in a Squash Match

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    Clearly, it seems like we are watching a Superstars episode from 1990 all over again when we watch Ryback wrestle. The featured wrestler beats the jobber in the ring...I thought those days were over? Guess not.

    Ryback is getting more and more pointless to me. I liked his return and his intensity, but seemingly the WWE does not want to admit that squash matches aren't boding well with the fans. His character needs direction— fast.

    Don't hold your breath though. His probable match at Over the Limit won't give him any progress. Just a Mortal Combat-esque "Finish Him!" scream like he does in all his matches.

    And the "Goldberg" chants? 'Nuff said.

Could: No. 3. Brodus Clay vs. Miz

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    So Brodus Clay is now switching between squash matches (Hunico) and actual matches where he was at a disadvantage (Miz). I suppose this is some progress.

    There is a good chance that he will compete against the Miz at Over the Limit.

    Although the Miz would lose against Clay again, this could maybe lead to a continued feud between the two. As weird as this sounds, Miz could actually benefit from a Brodus Clay victory in the near future. Clay is still undefeated, and Miz could use that as some kind of leverage to get him back in the upper mid-card.

Could: No. 2. Brock Lesnar Returns

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    Brock is only obligated to a certain amount of dates for the year. Why waste one on Over the Limit?

    Well, it is reported that the WWE are highly considering moving the Triple H/Lesnar feud from SummerSlam up to June's No Way Out PPV. Brock Lesnar involved in two big money matches on minor pay-per-views? I wonder if we should delve further into this than what is on the surface.

    If this is the case, expect the feud to gain an extra spark at the pay-per-view, with both Lesnar and Triple H doing run-ins.

    I can see it now...Triple H (on Monday Night Raw): "Brock Lesnar, I was fooling you all along, my arm isn't broken. If you want to settle this, let's do it at No...Way...Out!"


Could: No. 1. Big Show Turns Heel and Assists Laurinaitis

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    So the Big Show is "fired." What a perfect opportunity for him to be defiant and side with Triple H to get his job back, right?


    It looks like the writing is on the wall. The Big Show could quite possibly come out and assist Laurinaitis against John Cena, helping him secure a victory. This could begin the Big Show's third tenure as a lackey (JeriShow and ShowMiz), and another heel turn.

    There are already an over-saturation of heels in the WWE right now, and turning Show heel definitely would not help the matter. This does nothing for his career. At least he won a World Heavyweight and Intercontinental title as a face.

    And where does this leave Lord Tensai? Without a spot.

    It sure looks like we will see the Big Show vs. John Cena at SummerSlam. I'm sure everyone is excited about seeing that.

Should: No. 4. Kofi/R-Truth Retain the Tag-Team Titles

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    This is the perfect spot for both Kofi Kingston and R-Truth. With both of their singles careers floundering, putting them together as tag team champions at least kept some relevance for the both of them.

    The tag team division over the past few years have been lackluster at best. Let Kofi and Truth keep the titles for a considerable amount of time, defying odd after odd. Similar to Paul London and Bryan Kendrick's near year-long reign.

    With the heel tag teams of Primo/Epico, Swagger/Ziggler and Young/O'Neill, the tag team division can finally make for some good TV by all of them having their turn in feuding with the champs.

Should: No. 3. Kharma Returns

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    Inevitably, Kharma will return to the WWE anytime now. The problem is, you have to strike while the iron is hot, and the iron of Kharma's return is starting to cool down.

    It would make sense to have Beth Phoenix regain the Diva's title and have Kharma come out post-match, commencing a feud between the two.

    Kharma has so much to offer the WWE Diva's division. Her debut last year caused the most interest in the division since Lita and Trish.

    The WWE cannot afford to hold her off television any longer.

Should: No. 2. Daniel Bryan Wins WWE Title

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    Something has to happen for the brand split to mean anything henceforth.

    The first thing that would shake things up would be for Daniel Bryan to win the WWE Title, and then bring it to SmackDown.

    Why not? CM Punk's WWE Title reign has been dismal as of late. It would be better for him to recede from the title picture for a while, and revive his "Voice of the Voiceless" persona.

    Being in cheesy storylines with Chris Jericho tainted what could have easily been the feud of the year. The WWE has an opportunity to atone that transgression by this match, with Bryan coming out on top.

Should: No. 1. Chris Jericho Wins World Heavyweight Title

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    Chris Jericho's return had the opportunity to change the face of the WWE. With CM Punk and John Cena being the top babyfaces in the company, Jericho very well could have been the crowd-pandering, "rock and roll" babyface that the WWE is lacking at the moment.

    With the phenomenal mic work that Chris Jericho exhibits, him being the chosen one to feud with John Laurinaitis instead of John Cena would have been much more intriguing.

    The lackluster return and current run as a heel is creating a glass ceiling on what we could see out of Jericho. With the expectations of the fans so high after his "3rd Coming," what we've seen so far is disappointing, to be modest.

    Jericho has to win the World Heavyweight Championship for his return to make any sense. He has yet to win a pay-per-view, and his feud with CM Punk did nothing to boost either of their careers.


    What do you think could and should happen at Over the Limit? Answer in the comment section.


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