Fantasy Baseball: 10 Mediocre MLB Players Who Are Big Fantasy Assets

Rob Greissinger@@Rob_Gsinger25Correspondent IIMay 22, 2012

Fantasy Baseball: 10 Mediocre MLB Players Who Are Big Fantasy Assets

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    The big name stars in baseball get a lot of attention in fantasy leagues. The key to success in any fantasy sport is how deep your team is and many times, a league is won in the late rounds of a fantasy draft. All aspects for batters including runs scored, RBIs, home runs, batting average, and even stolen bases have to be covered. 

    These are some players who may not get the attention of many, but fantasy owners can reap the benefits of having some of them on their team. 

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Yunel Escobar: SS, Toronto Blue Jays

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    The flashy shortstop can be a streaky hitter but he can bring some depth to a fantasy lineup. He is a guy who scores a lot of runs when you need them. Escobar can also drive in runs. The former Atlanta Brave has consistent numbers over the course of his career.

    What he allows is for fantasy owners to focus on other positions like pitching or outfielders. 

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Marco Scutaro: SS/2B, Colorado Rockies

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    Scutaro is a guy that scores a lot of runs. He may not get that many hits but he is a valuable guy to keep on your bench or use as a fill-in when a starter goes to the DL.

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Raul Ibanez: LF/DH, New York Yankees

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    Don't let the huge hunk of chew in Ibanez's cheek fool you; the guy can hit for power. If you need a someone who can up your home run total, Ibanez is your man. 

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Ty Wigginton: 1B/2B/3B/OF, Philadelphia Phillies

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    Wigginton is a true utility-man who can play any infield position. If you need to move guys around the infield or use a backup outfielder, this is your guy. Wigginton is not someone that pitchers cannot just overlook. He can hit home runs and occasionally swipe a few bags. 

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Daniel Murphy, 1B/2B/3B, New York Mets

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    Murphy is not very well known, but he is a solid young hitter. Right now, he is one of the best hitters in the National League. 

    However it remains to be seen if Murphy can sustain the unbelievable numbers he's already put up this season. 

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Mike Napoli: C/1B, Texas Rangers

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    His batting average is not great. What makes Napoli valuable is his ability to play at first base and behind the plate. He can be a backup catcher that can play in the first base slot on a daily basis. 

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Jay Bruce: OF, Cincinnati Reds

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    Jay Bruce's numbers are not particularly impressive. Bruce is a sporadic hitter who can go on a hot streak. When he is seeing the ball well, he can get three or four hits in one ballgame. He is also a threat to steal some bases. 

    He is a  guy you can use for home runs. If you stick with him through an entire season, Bruce will get you 20 to 30 home runs.  

    Bruce is not the player you have for batting average. So far this season he is hitting .272. His lifetime average is just .258. 

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Kyle Seager: 3B, Seattle Mariners

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    The third baseman is only in his sophomore season and has yet to suffer from the dreaded sophomore-jinx. Though his numbers aren't spectacular, Seager can hit and steal bases.Click here for stats.

Carlos Ruiz: C, Philadelphia Phillies

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    Carlos Ruiz has shown his value to the Phillies organization this season. He has been hitting solidly which makes him a vital alternative for fantasy owners who focused on getting the stars. He's currently batting .350 and has 29 RBIs.

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Wade Miley: Starting Pitcher, Arizona Diamondbacks

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    There is another famous Miley. Wade Miley is a relatively anonymous pitcher to many, but Diamond Backs fans certainly notice him. 

    His strikeout numbers are average but he does not let a lot of hitters get on base. At 5-1 on the season Miley is undervalued by many. 

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