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WWE Over the Limit 2012: 10 Storylines That Need to Be Addressed

Daine PavloskiAnalyst IIApril 26, 2015

WWE Over the Limit 2012: 10 Storylines That Need to Be Addressed

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    WWE Over the Limit is almost upon us. The second pay-per-view since WrestleMania 28 and there are some serious changes and surprises that have come about, but storylines are starting and ending within the course of one or two weeks. There are a lot of question marks on the minds of the WWE Universe, and here are 10 that are on my mind regarding the herky-jerky storylines that need to be addressed this Sunday. 

1. The Divas Division

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    I know, I know, who cares about the Divas division. I do—well, sort of. Really I just feel bad for the Divas because none of them really have a story except for Eve and A.J., and some change from face to heel with each show (Alicia Fox). The WWE threw a very anti-climatic curveball at the WWE Universe at the last pay-per-view, bringing Layla back to win the title when a lot of fans were pretty positive we were going to see Kharma for the first time since the Rumble. 

    The Divas need to be addressed. If you want them to seem more legit, do something with them! I'm all for Beth vs. Layla. These two both have a decent amount of in-ring talent. Heck, Beth probably has enough for both of them, but if you just throw them out there for no real reason, the fans won't be hooked. Either make this matchup have a purpose, or do what all WWE fans want to see and bring Kharma out to start something. 

    Whether we see Kharma or not on Sunday, the Divas storylines need to be addressed in a way that actually gives some of them a storyline. There are some talented Divas (Beth) who need something to capture the fans. 

2. Zack Ryder

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    Whatever happened to this? Zack Ryder spent a month or two getting injured and re-injured, only to be forgotten about and then thrown in a four-minute thing with Eve. Now, he has nothing going for him.

    I feel that when the WWE brains sat down to pick the YouTube pre-show match for Over the Limit they essentially just went, "Hmmmm, who should we use...oh, hey! Remember the time that Zack Ryder and Kane fought and stuff last year? Let's use them!".

    This storyline has been dead. 

    The storyline that needs to be addressed is Ryder himself. Fans seem to love Ryder. Because of that, the WWE obviously wants to push him down our throats, which they surprisingly have stayed away from. If you want this guy to be someone who gets a pop again, give him something! Maybe the Ryder vs. Kane feud will heat back up this Sunday.

    If the plan is to revive the feud, the WWE is going to have to do something pretty huge to break out of the multiple-month pause for these two.  

3. The Miz

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    Okay, hear me out here. The Miz is awesome, no pun intended. The Miz was arguably the main guy in the business last year. Where is he?! He's been teased as a player in some awesome stuff, but it never really pans out. 

    Before WrestleMania 28, he joined Team Johnny and it looked like he was going to be one of the GM's right-hand men. That would be great! Let The Miz take heat along with the hated GM until he's back toward the top where he belongs! 

    Another storyline that they've teased at is The Miz's feud with Santino. Santino defended his United States Championship at Extreme Rules on the YouTube free-for-all...err, I mean YouTube pre-show, but they haven't really done anything outside of that. 

    The Miz with Johnny or versus Santino needs to be addressed simply because The Miz needs a feud. He needs something that gives him a reason to be in the ring and on the mic. 

4. The Tag Team Divison

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    That happened. The tag team titles were handed off at a live event. The WWE needs to address the tag team stories its been teasing at for the past few weeks. The division itself is on life support and needs to have some constant teams. Tag team wrestling can be some of the most exciting WWE action, but we haven't really seen much of it as of late.  

    We've seen a lot of tag team matches in main events of Raw and SmackDown, but it's always one-and-done teams of top guys. We need some constant teams that we can get behind. It seems that the WWE is trying to build the division back up, with a match for the belts this Sunday between Kofi and Truth and Team ZigSwag, so the WWE appears to be going in the right direction.

    They need to address the division even more though. We NEED to see A.W. and his stable make some noise. Epico and Primo are solid in the ring. Let's see them or other young teams who formed recently on SmackDown get involved and hopefully it can lead to a legitimate division. 

5. The Young Guys

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    Cesaro, among many others, have taken SmackDown by storm. These new guys definitely have some talent and have brought a bit of a spark to SmackDown, which has been pretty lackluster for the past year or two. I was a little disappointed to see that none of these young guys managed to sneak onto the Over the Limit card. While they've only been around for a couple weeks in most cases, why not give them a shot? Show people who avoid SmackDown at all costs (me until these guys showed up) what they're missing. If two weeks is long enough to make a storyline for Daniel Bryan and Punk or Cena and Johnny Ace, it should be enough to start these young guys off. 

    The WWE needs to find a way to get some of these young guys on the screen this Sunday to set them up to do big things. We've seen some of them, like Cesaro who's "involved" with Aksana and Teddy Long, get a taste of a story, but I would love to see the WWE involve these young guys on Sunday so the entire WWE Universe can get a peek at the future of the organization. 

6. Lord Tensai and Big Johnny

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    Whether you like him or not, Lord Tensai has looked dominant.

    If WWE wants to sell the fans on this guy, they need to address the Laurinaitis and Tensai vs. Cena storyline that we saw develop when Johnny Ace attacked Cena a few weeks ago. Tensai would serve very well as the GM's personal enforcer or something similar. We need to see Tensai find a way to help Laurinaitis this Sunday while avoiding the immediate termination stipulation for interfering superstars. 

    WWE needs to make something happen with the Tensai and Laurinaitis storyline if they want to keep him from losing relevancy all together. 

7. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman

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    Okay WWE, you got us. Bringing Heyman back was awesome and shocking. It was brutally obvious that Brock couldn't handle promos by himself, no matter how good he looks in the ring. Bringing his mouthpiece back was an amazing decision, but we can't have a pay-per-view this Sunday without a Lesnar or Heyman sighting. 

    As per the contract Lesnar signed, I understand that he isn't going to be on TV every week, and they've done a decent job of keeping him in our mind on those weeks, but this is the first PPV since his return that he isn't scheduled to wrestle at. Again, they need to keep him in our mind, through an interference or a Heyman promo.  

8. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan

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    These guys have some history. They've put on some great matches in ROH and other organizations and it's a feud that I've been waiting for since I saw videos of their earlier matches. This storyline so far though isn't one. They decided to hastily give Bryan the number one contender spot and it really hasn't had a chance to develop apart from "Hey! We have a match!". The match is scheduled, but the WWE needs to do more. This match has serious potential to be one of the best of the year. These two know each other and can do something truly special at a less than exciting pay-per-view. They need to put on a great show and build on the story throughout so this isn't one of the WWE's one-and-done, over before it started storylines that has major potential. 

    If you're going to pick one storyline to address and do a good job on this Sunday, make it this one, WWE. 

9. Cena and John Laurinaitis

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    John Cena was supposed to look like a beat down, losing hope superstar. He lost to The Rock at WrestleMania 28 and then immediately became the target of Brock Lesnar, Lord Tensai, and the GM himself. The latter being the most rushed and confusing. 

    Cena laid a promo after his match with Lesnar at Extreme Rules (which he should've lost) hinting that he's going to be gone for a while, which I personally think would have done great things for his character. Go hide in your snowy, mountain retreat, and run up the mountain with logs and stuff until you're back and better than ever. Right when everyone realizes they miss Cena, POW! He's back and ready to put his cape back on. 

    But no, Cena said he wouldn't be back for a while and came back...to get attacked by the GM? The storyline has been really rushed and seems like it's one that could be developed over months or even a year. Nonetheless, if the WWE wants this to work, they need to fill in all the gaps with the match. The match needs to be solid, but they also need a lot of storyline support to happen throughout. Surprise interference while dealing with the stipulations and all of that jazz. I'm curious to see how this one will turn out, but it definitely needs to be addressed because of how rushed it was. 

10. The SmackDown Title Race

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    This is another match that has a lot of potential. The four superstars involved are some of the best, but this too has been kind of rushed and all of a sudden. These four found themselves involved with each other until it eventually evolved into this match. This match has potential to be great to watch, but also the potential to be a great storyteller for the SmackDown title race. 

    For example, Sheamus and Randy Orton have been in each others faces. Use their participation in this match to put them over Jericho and Del Rio to start their feud, or something along those lines. The blue brand needs something to get excited about and this match could be a great starting point for storylines. 

Honorable Mention Bonus Slide: The ROCK!!!

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    What happened to this? The Rock came out the night after WrestleMania and said in his promo he wants the title. What happened? I know these are just the words of a hopeful Rock fanboy, but that's weak. I'm sure we'll see The Great One again at some point before WrestleMania 29, but hey, a guy can wonder and hope right? 

What Do You Think?

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    What do you think? Do you think these storylines will be addressed on Sunday? Are there others that are more deserving than those on this list? Let me know!

    Thanks for the read!

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