The Top 10 All-Time NFL Quarterbacks

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The Top 10 All-Time NFL Quarterbacks
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Obviously, Joe makes the list - but where?

It's that time in the offseason where NFL fans need something to argue about. We've done the power rankings both pre and post-draft. Speaking of the draft, we've argued about who would draft whom as well as who had a good draft and who didn't.

With OTAs and mini-camps providing little in the way of good debate material, I thought it a perfect time to bring out my top 10 NFL quarterbacks for everyone to rip to shreds.

Everyone seems to have their own set of criteria when naming their top 10 greatest quarterbacks. Some people love to quote statistics. Others think it begins and ends with championships. Still others look at the type of dominance a quarterback had in his particular era. 

I guess I fall into a grey area between all three of the above, with one more important thing added in.

No one still playing the game gets ranked, so don't demand to know where Tom Brady or Peyton Manning are. There will be time to put their careers into proper context once they are done playing. Until then, they are not in my discussion of the 10 greatest NFL quarterbacks ever to play the game.

Who is in that discussion? The 10 players listed here kept out some excellent quarterbacks, guys like Warren Moon, Fran Tarkenton, Dan Fouts, Jim Kelly and even multiple Super Bowl champions like Terry Bradshaw and Troy Aikman. 

Also not making the cut were guys from earlier eras whose games I truly appreciate but could not justify including here. Players like Sid Luckman, Bobby Layne and Sonny Jurgensen are more than deserving of recognition, but looking over their careers, it's hard to see a case for inclusion here. 

Speaking of other eras, one note for the unimaginative folks who always seem to ask "How can you have an opinion on a quarterback you never saw play?" There's a very long and involved answer to this, but I'll skip to the short version, which is: I never saw Abraham Lincoln in the White House, but I'm pretty confident in declaring him one of the greatest presidents the United States has ever seen. 

Alright. Enough with the history lesson. Let's find out who made the cut and let the arguments begin...

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