Has The Miz Reached the Point Where He Will Never Get Another Big Push?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMay 16, 2012

photo from ign.com
photo from ign.com

As we head into the summer, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin’s WWE career looks to be on a rapid downward trajectory.    

The former Real World star loses all the time in short, throwaway matches —most recently to mid-card comedy acts like Brodus Clay and Santino Marella. He hasn’t been involved in a relevant, meaningful program in ages.  He has no momentum to speak of.

Heck, these days he barely even makes it onto PPV, with his US title match with Santino being stuck on the YouTube pre-show before the Extreme Rules event.

For someone who was WWE Champion last year—and main event WrestleMania 27 against The Rock—this has to be considered a huge and demeaning comedown.   

But has Miz reached the point where he will never get another big push in the promotion?

Well, on the heavily-stacked Raw, his prospects for another major push look bleak.

John Cena is on top and, despite a multitude of personal and physical problems in recent times, almost certainly is not going anywhere anytime soon. Current WWE Champion and fan favorite CM Punk is the solid No. 2 baby-face.  

The heel side is also highly competitive.

Monster heel Lord Tensai is rapidly rising through the ranks as he continues to be strongly linked with Raw and SmackDown GM John Laurinaitis on-screen. Veteran Chris Jericho is also in a prominent position. Brock Lesnar, while he may be used sparingly over the next year, is also a priority on TV and will have a top spot as long as he wants. 

With all this in mind, it’s difficult to see how Miz can navigate his way to the top of Raw once again, which may make a switch to the less name-heavy blue brand necessary for the former MTV star.

Not only would it provide the star with the chance for more upward mobility and help him reach World Championship status again, it would give him a fresh start he so desperately needs.

Of course, with no draft scheduled, it remains to be seen whether the WWE booking team will make the call to switch Miz to SD. Indeed, knowing WWE’s reluctance these days to take decisive action to aid their struggling mid-card acts, it seems very possible—maybe even likely—that Miz will continue to flounder on Raw for the time being. 

At this point, the only bright spot on the horizon is Miz’s upcoming role in The Marine: Homefront, the third instalment of WWE Studios’ popular Marine franchise. 

Initially, the announcement of his casting raised some eyebrows in the industry, with some claiming the loud, obnoxious Miz had been terribly miscast as a gruff, no-nonsense marine and his role in the film would be a disaster.

Admittedly, on paper, it looks like a strange casting decision. However, as I have noted in the past, there is every chance that Miz can thrive and succeed in the role, turning it into a much-needed boon for his flagging wrestling career.

Ideally, when The Marine: Homefront comes out next year, Miz will get a renewed push as WWE attempts to publicize the film and market it to fans. It may end up being the spark that re-ignites his career.

It must also be of some comfort to Miz that, despite months of shoddy booking, WWE still sees him as someone worth investing in. After all, the company wouldn’t be giving him the leading role in one of their movies if they didn’t think he had a future in the company.

If nothing else, his role in the movie will help to give him options outside of the wrestling business. No doubt he, like so many others in wrestling, including his real-life girlfriend, former diva Maryse, would like to embark on a Hollywood acting career when he’s done with WWE. In this case, a leading role in a fairly high-profile movie on his CV couldn’t hurt his chances.      

Summarily, despite his prospects looking decidedly dim at the moment, it is far too soon to dismiss Miz’s WWE career as being over. A switch to SD isn’t out of the question, and he’s sure to benefit from his high-profile role in the next Marine movie.  

Hey, it wouldn’t be the first time the hard-working Mizanin has bounced back strongly in his turbulent career, would it?