NFL Rumors: The Latest on Every Major Holdout Situation

Adam OdekirkContributor IIMay 17, 2012

NFL Rumors: The Latest on Every Major Holdout Situation

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    A reminder that the NFL is a business can always be found in the dealings surrounding players holding out from participating in offseason activities, training camp and even the regular season.

    Unhappiness with being franchised, the notion that they have outperformed their current deals and other circumstances are the culprits behind these decisions, and striking the right deal is crucial for the continued success of the team.

    Still, players only have a small window in which they can cash in on their abilities, and too often there are tragic stories of careers cut short by injury, thus eliminating their earning potential.

    The following are current updates and rumors surrounding the most notable NFL holdout situations. 

Matt Forte

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    Forte is still without a contract, but that doesn't seem to bother his starting quarterback at all. According to Jay Cutler, the entirety of training camp really doesn't matter so long as Forte shows up for the first game of the regular season.

    The big question for Forte will be: How valuable is the time missed familiarizing himself with his team's new-and-improved offense?

    Maybe that question is better posed to the Chicago Bears as an organization.

Dwayne Bowe

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    The Kansas City Chiefs and Dwayne Bowe are at an impasse, and there doesn't appear to be an end in sight.

    Bowe is refusing to sign his franchise tender and accept the $9 million-plus it would guarantee him for this season, and is instead holding out in hopes of securing a long-term deal.

    The Chiefs did not do anything in the offseason to make Bowe expendable, so his presence on the field is still desperately needed. However, Bowe's talents have not helped the Chiefs convert victories like his supposed peers (Calvin Johnson, Greg Jennings, Andre Johnson) have done for their teams.

    That being said, a wide receiver isn't the only thing that leads to wins, and the same is true in Kansas City. Still, the fans of the Chiefs would like to see Bowe end his holdout sooner than later. 

LeSean McCoy

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    UPDATE: Pro Football Talk is reporting that McCoy has agreed to an extension with the Eagles.

    "Shady" is getting some interesting advice from an unlikely party regarding his potential holdout.

    It is very interesting that a teammate who found himself in the exact same position last year and chose to hold out, is now telling McCoy to skip the drama and trust that the deal will get done.

    It could be sage advice from wide receiver DeSean Jackson, and something that will allow for McCoy to remain as one of the most productive backs in the league.

    However, McCoy could just as easily look at the situation and think that it is easy for DeSean to take the "company line" and do what's best for the team since he already has his long-term deal in place.

    In the end, the star running back needs to protect his value, as well as his status as a teammate, which is not an easy task in combination. 

Drew Brees

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    How are the New Orleans Saints letting Drew Brees get frustrated to the point where he is feeling the need to publicize his displeasure in local newspapers?

    Admittedly, the franchise has to have other things on its mind, such as losing a head coach and multiple players to suspension for parts or all of the regular season in 2012. Still, isn't having Drew Brees on the field the closest thing to having Sean Payton back?

    What will offseason workouts accomplish without the man who helped turn the franchise around leading players on the field?

    There are a lot of questions looming over the team and their star quarterback. Dissatisfying Brees and possibly keeping him off the field would turn a terrible offseason into a full-blown disaster for New Orleans.

Ray Rice

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    Even though Ray Rice is planning to hold out until his contract demands are met, he isn't going to allow that to derail his workout regimen.

    The Ravens are not questioning anything about Rice's determination or talent when stalling on contract talks. Instead they are trying to determine the right number for their team, which has a lot of aging veterans on defense who may need replacing.

Cliff Avril

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    Cliff Avril is taking a novel approach to handling the publicity of his holdout, by making it very clear to his employer that his co-workers are watching how this situation is being handled.

    Granted, the Lions did the right thing and locked up Calvin Johnson long term, but for the rest of the team, Avril signifies the player who did everything he was asked to last season and more. How his contract is dealt with will shed a lot of light on the team's plans.

    Avril had hoped for a new contract last offseason, and when he didn't get it, he went out and proved yet again why he is such a valuable asset to the team.

    Detroit is in a delicate situation with Avril, and it could affect the team's future in attracting and keeping talent on their roster.

Darrelle Revis

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    It seems like the annual drama will take place on "Revis Island" again this summer, even though Revis himself is playing it cool and trying not to make a big deal about it.

    It may not end up being a big deal, and Revis hasn't openly admitted that he will hold out again, but perhaps Tim Tebow was brought in to help keep contract discussions in the back of New York's tabloids. 

Osi Umenyiora

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    Another seasonal drama that seems to unfold is the one between Osi Umenyiora and the Giants, who never seem to be on the same page in terms of his value to the team.

    The problem is that the team hasn't truly been without him, making it tough to tell what the long-term implication of losing him would be. 

    Even though teammates are saying the right things, they are surely tired of the drama and just want resolution. On the one hand, they have to trust the organization that helped them win a Super Bowl last year, but on the other hand, they want the best for a teammate who surely deserves something more.

Holdouts Avoided

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    Tyvon Branch: The Oakland Raiders have given Branch enough peace of mind that a long-term deal will get done eventually to sign his franchise tender.

    Wes Welker: The wideout's feelings are wrapped up in his tweet following his signing of New England's franchise tender. Hopefully Welker is rewarded for being a true team player for the Patriots. 

    Calais Campbell: The Arizona Cardinals and Campbell avoided the drama and came to terms on a five-year deal.